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Business value

Media Network offers reliable and scalable IP-Video solutions, enabling live content transport to any destination. We manage the world’s largest events and some of the biggest media networks in the world; ensuring processing, monitoring, and transport of premium content to any audience globally.

With unrivaled broadcast grade reliability over any underlying infrastructure you can be sure that your content is in safe hands on managed networks or in the cloud. The elastic and adaptable design ensures that you can grow from smaller events into global networks and solutions. The open, virtualized architecture ensures service flexibility and enables you to utilize your network and appliances for many different customers. The solutions offer unrivaled service and network monitoring capabilities ensuring full control of the performance and quality of your services. And finally, the network is timing-aware ensuring alignment and synchronization of media feeds and enables PTP extension over the wide area network.

Remote Production

Transformative quality and efficiency for distributed live content production

The clearest way to streamline the cost of live event production is to reduce the burden of its most expensive resource: the facilities required to capture, process and produce at a venue and the engineers needed to set-up, operate and manage it. Net Insight uniquely offers broadcasters and production houses an end-to-end solution for at-home production that supports fully distributed production workflows over commonly available IP infrastructure.

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Customer Provisioned Networks

Automated provisioning and control to drive efficiency and growth.

In a world of on-demand services mixed with 24/7 services, the drive for efficiency, utilization and cost control is crucial. With Net Insight’s Customer Provisioned Network (CPN) solution, network operators offer automated self-service setup through both APIs and self-service portals. This, to increase service utilization and thus revenues and meanwhile reducing the risks for errors in the network, hence, ensuring that mission critical applications are available.

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Live Contribution

There are no second takes in live production, that is why the biggest global sports events in the world rely on the Nimbra solution for live contribution. We guarantee the world’s most efficient and reliable media transport so you can focus on bringing the world’s best content to your subscribers.

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Internet Media Transport

As the challenge to produce more content intensifies, so does the quest for gathering and distributing content more cost-effectively. Globally recognized as one of the true pioneers of transporting professional media over the internet, the Net Insight solution for professional media transport over the internet serves many of the largest broadcasters in the world. With stunning capabilities realized through a combination of software and integrated appliances, the solution fits everything from datacenter installations, to remote end-sites. And not only does it provide the world class reliability that you’re accustomed to from Net Insight, it also includes the (monitoring) tools to prove it to you.

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ATSC 3.0 Transport

Despite all the disruptive alternatives to consume media today, watching linear terrestrial TV will continue to be a major content access point for many years to come. Net Insight has the extensive competence and deployment experience that you can rely on to provide a full transport solution for ASTC 3.0 and other Digital Terrestrial Television networks.

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Cloud Ingest

When live media workflows move to the cloud, broadcast quality transport to public cloud environments become a key challenge. Net Insight’s Emmy-award winning Nimbra cloud ingest solution provides the toolbox needed for providing lossless transport over any type of cloud connection. With an open technology approach, letting you pick the transport technology your cloud environment and cloud applications support.

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Affiliate Interconnect & Distribution

Cloud resources are great for live workflows, but they are equally beneficial for network resources. As media networks expand to cover even more remote locations, the budget for these networks often do not, meaning media services need to be simpler to operate and control even for non-technical users. The Net Insight solution for affiliate interconnect enables broadcasters or services providers to connect 100s of locations, all while adding new affiliates and spinning up new services in an instant. With its flexible deployment approach, the solution provides you with both the benefits of cloud architectures and the benefits of self-hosting at a location of your choosing. Content is exchanged in real-time through a beautiful user interface for a truly simplistic the user experience.

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