Nimbra Edge - Elastic Cloud-based Live Media Transport

Does the cost for first mile connectivity kill your live production business case? Use the Internet to get to where the action is. Net Insights Internet Media Transport solution lets you build, launch and manage media transport over the Internet with unparalleled cost-efficiency, flexibility and reliability.

The Internet creates new possibilities

Mainstream content addresses a larger audience and the cost of on-site production teams and leased lines connecting them can be covered in the budget for the production, but for long-tail content the several thousands of dollars per month for leased line connectivity may be cost prohibitive. In addition, many of these niche areas of interest might not even be serviceable with leased lines.

With the new OTT distribution models that the Internet offers and with a new breed of niche players taking command of them, the traditional model with on-site production teams using expensive dedicated links is changing. In order to monetize long-tail content, the entire workflow has to be cost-efficient, from production to contribution and distribution. Distributing content over the Internet is already a reality, so why not use the same inexpensive infrastructure also for contribution and acquisition?

High-quality live video over the Internet

Live transport of broadcast quality video over the Internet has long been considered impossible. And while it is true that the Internet was never designed to handle the requirements from broadcast services, new solutions have emerged that bridges the gap between the best-effort nature of the Internet and the high reliability and quality requirements broadcasters require. By leveraging new technology, the imperfections normally associated with Internet grade transport are now a thing of the past. Today broadcasters have the ability to enjoy the same benefits offered by the Internet, such as vast reach and cost-effective price models, as the consumer market have done for years.

So what’s our solution?

We know broadcasting, and we know the requirements put on the equipment we make. In fact, with over 18 years of media networking experience, you can be confident that when we say Internet transport is now a reality, it actually is.

Acting either as an on-ramp to an existing MSR network for extended reach and rapid deployments, or to provide an end-to-end service over the Internet. The Nimbra Video Appliances offers broadcasters the possibility to use Internet grade transport and still maintain the same strict broadcast quality standards as they have become accustomed to. Built on a foundation of reliable low-delay video protection coupled with our award-winning management tools, video contribution over the Internet have never been easier.

While the Nimbra series of Video Appliances may be built for underlying best-effort networks, the characteristics of the service delivered are far from it. Building on premises of video as a key driver for everything we do, we know that our customer expect the same carrier class operational simplicity, traceability and performance follow-up regardless of the underlying transport media. Therefore, the Nimbra VA family has been built on the same rugged software baseline as that of our proven Nimbra MSR family. This brings a unique set of advantages you won’t find anywhere else, such as rock solid operations, and perhaps more important – the tools available to quickly understand what has gone wrong when you need to.

Available in a range of options, the Nimbra VA family supports everything from IP and ASI based encoders/decoders, to baseband input. The later is supported using our latest family member, the Nimbra VA 220 that beyond the best-in-class transport capabilities offered by the VA 210 and VA 210 ASI. now also incorporates a 4-channel MPEG-4 Encoder/decoder.

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