Nimbra Edge - Elastic Cloud-based Live Media Transport

Live Event Contribution

Live content is the key to a loyal audience

There are no second takes in live production, that is why the biggest global sports events in the world rely on the Nimbra solution for live contribution. We guarantee the world’s most efficient and reliable media transport so you can focus on bringing the world’s best content to your subscribers.

Earn your audience – deliver the content they love

The media space is getting crowded. New players have entered the market and the fight for subscriber base is fierce. The key to attract a loyal and profitable viewer base lies in live content. When something is live, it is bigger than entertainment. It lets people be part of an experience. And that’s something they will not only pay for, but maybe even stick around for the ads.

Today, live content is readily available at everyone’s fingertips. This means you need to be on your toes to attract and keep your audience loyal. It all comes down to providing the ultimate viewing experience. Whether that means more content, higher resolutions, or more viewer interactivity, it all boils down to a vast amount of information that needs to be sent from the venue. Is your infrastructure up for it?

In Sports Every Second Counts

Your customers don’t want to find out their favorite team just made a goal by overhearing the person next door, only because the other content provider uses super-fast fiber infrastructure instead of satellite based contribution. Availability and cost of fiber-based infrastructure are now reaching levels for mainstream adoption for live contribution over IP. It provides not only lower delays and potentially more bandwidth, but also significant business value. Combining live and file based workflows into the same infrastructure enables significant efficiency gains. In addition, IP-based live production brings increased flexibility and agility to the workflows with the potential for automation, leaving time for work that adds creative value to the production.

Reliability is key

Reliability is fundamental when you are seeking to create the optimal viewer experience. When technology works, you can spend your time and creativity to add value to your customers instead of troubleshooting your operations. When sending large amounts of real-time video from a live venue, it is paramount that all data arrives, in perfect shape. Any single lost data packet may result in video or audio imperfections and that is just not acceptable. The audience today demands picture perfect delivery. Always.

In case you experience network issues, may it be fiber cut, over provisioned network capacity, a broken IP router, or just pure bad luck, you need to have mechanisms available that automatically recover your service, preferably with no service impact. Those mechanisms could include error correction, dual path transport, equipment redundancy, and more. Nothing is stronger than its weakest link.

So what’s our solution?

Net Insight’s Nimbra family of products is known to be the market’s most efficient and reliable media transport solution. It has been trusted to bring live content from the world’s biggest sports and cultural events to millions of viewers around the globe. Designed for high-quality media transport over IP, the Nimbra solution gives you a modular multiservice media transport platform supporting both native video and audio in addition to standard Ethernet. And with plenty of room for future capacity and functional expansions.

With support for anything between SD-SDI to 4K/8K Ultra HD, and with optional integrated JPEG2000 compression, the Nimbra solution will get the job done, and you can be confident it will support your future needs. The true multi-service Nimbra solution allows you to transport live and file-based content across the same network, and with native support for compressed and uncompressed video services, native audio and Carrier Ethernet data services all on the same platform the possibilities are endless.

We at Net Insight knows all about the challenges of moving live video over IP. Live video is in our DNA. That is why the Nimbra solution has been designed from the ground up for the most demanding of services, namely broadcast-quality live video. The quality of service you get from a Nimbra solution is unrivaled. With built-in hitless 1+1 dual path protection, fully redundant hardware and unique data recovery mechanisms, we ensure premium service quality at all times, no matter what happens. Integrated video-aware performance monitoring, high-quality JPEG2000 compression and one-click end-to-end service management make Nimbra the most cost-efficient and easy-to-use media transport solution on the market. Ask our customers.

Key Benefits

unprecedented reliability

Designed with fully redundant and hot-swappable hardware, together with true hitless 1+1 redundancy for all services means unrivaled service quality will always be delivered no matter what.

future proof

Modular and designed for both capacity and functional expansions means you can be confident that the Nimbra solution will support your future needs.


Support for native video and audio formats, including SD, HD, 3G 4K/8K Ultra HD, AES/EBU, MADI, in addition to carrier Ethernet data services on the same platform creates endless possibilities.

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