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An industry that demands flexibility

Broadcasters and content producers are adopting new technologies and adjusting their ways of working to gain greater workflow flexibility, making it easier to create engaging high-quality content at the right cost point. While many have their own staff, equipment and even satellite and fiber networks, mixing in-house and external resources is crucial to meet new workflow demands. And this needs to happen while still being in full control of budgets and costs.

Similarly, service providers are looking for ways to expand their reach. To do so they need access to new markets and new customers. They also need a platform on which they can market their services and an automated process to onboard new customers. Finding ways to get more integrated into their customers’ workflows is helping them deliver more value, and in the end grab a larger wallet share.

High-Profile Marketplace

A global services marketplace makes it easy to promote services and resources to new markets and customers, creating new opportunities and new revenue streams for service providers.

Integrating External Resources

Real-time access to service provider resources and services let broadcasters and content producers treat external resources just like their own, for elastically adapting to new requirements.

Increase Flexibility

In today’s world, there are four amendments for every booking. Making those through a self-service interface puts the customer in control, but it also enables upselling to meet changing demands.

Our Solution

Our Connector Marketplace helps content producers and broadcasters integrate external resources and services into their own workflows. Just like they do with their in-house resources. By connecting with professional media service companies through an online cloud based marketplace, participants book the services they need, when they need them, with full self-service control.

From satellite and terrestrial connectivity to advanced services bundles, for example a news package combining camera, microphone, camera man and news reporter, Connector Marketplace users can book service provider services just like their own. Availability is visible in real-time and integrated billing and pricing provide immediate cost information.

Benefits for service providers
The Connector Marketplace provides a high-profile marketplace to promote services to the entire media industry. From basic resources like a satellite transponder to advanced services packages combining for example an OB van with production equipment and a satellite uplink for an event, service providers have a place to market and sell to new customers in need of their services.

With a marketplace that integrates service provider offerings into broadcast and production workflows, service providers are able to provide greater customer value, and grab a larger share of their customers’ wallets.

With the Connector Marketplace, administrative complexities are eliminated. Customers gain instant and accurate visibility of available resources, and are able to match these to their requirements and immediately book what they need.

It also allows service providers to be prompt in responding to their customers’ demands. Resources, services and bundles can be made available as needed, and new offerings can be created based on changing customer needs.

At the same time, elimination of repetitive emails and complex project spreadsheets frees up resources. Our real-world statistics show that the average booking requires 4 modifications before being delivered. That means every booking will take 5 calls or emails before being delivered. This is both driving cost for the service provider and slowing down the customer. But it also means that there is room for upselling additional services. Customer requirements often change from when a booking is made to when the service is actually delivered.

Benefits for broadcasters and production companies
Connector Marketplace subscribers get significant benefits through pay-per-use access to external resources with full financial visibility and project billing. External resources and services can be integrated into workflows and treated the exact same way as internal resources would. They can be booked to meet ad-hoc needs or scheduled across an entire event season. This helps broadcasters and content producers optimize internal inventories, while knowing they have seamless access to external resources when needed.

From scheduling to invoicing, the Connector Marketplace gives broadcasters and production companies flexible and easy access to external resources and services where and when needed, and gives service providers a platform to better serve their clients and adapt to their changing needs.

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