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Actionable Business Intelligence

The foundation of successful decisions is knowledge. Applying Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics on data is paying off for companies with better insights and decisions. Research has found that leading businesses use BI & Analytics almost 5 times more than low performing companies. Our expertise in system integration, analytics architecture, predictive analytics and data visualizations, along with advances in BI technology & platforms, security, cloud storage will allow your company to address the pain points that hold you back from an integrated BI Solution.

System Integration

Our integrated BI solution will provide a 24/7 connection to your data sources. You can view operational metrics when changes are made and as they happen. When the financials are closed, integrating financial & operational information is push of the button. See these KPI’s in a dashboard when you want and need them. We can help you.

Cloud Storage OLAP Architecture

Our integrated BI solution aggregates disparate data sources and stores it in a secure cloud leveraging OLAP technologies. Your business is a multidimensional activity. Your data is too. OLAP technology allows fast aggregations and calculations of your underlying data sets. Our BI layer on your data will provide unlimited report views, complex analytical analysis and predictive modeling. Clean dashboards, easy to understand visualizations and easy communication. We can help you.

The Costs

What are the costs of not investing in a BI Solution? The tangible costs for internal, manual analytical solution are one aspect. A bigger concern is intangible, opportunity costs. We will automate the process for you: data aggregation, OLAP data sets, analytical insights, predictive modeling, and KPI dashboards. Streamline analytics, faster actionable insights, reduce your overall costs. We can help you. Manual analytics use resources, take time, can be inaccurate & have bias. Missed opportunities can be costly. How much does an internal analytics solution really cost you?

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Your analytics pain points are our focus. Knowing these will better enable ScheduALL® Analytics™ to determine the best Analytical Solution to meet your needs. Real-time system integration and data aggregation to one or multiple data sources, analytical diagnostics, predictive modeling & data visualizations are some examples. Your data insights visualized in dashboards and scorecards of your choice. Your dashboards can be as complex or as simple as you desire. These prototype dashboards give a simple financial view for Transmission and Broadcast businesses.

We can help you.

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