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File Acceleration as a Service

Content exchange with guaranteed time-of-arrival.

Exchanging file based content with guaranteed time-of-arrival using instant and on-demand network capacity gives broadcasters and media producers the predictability they need to focus on production rather than content exchange and acquisition. Offering file acceleration as a service based on our Nimbra FileTeleport solution gives you a unique market offering with high customer value.

File-based workflows are taking over

There is no doubt that broadcasters have shifted to file-based workflows for most of their content production. It reduces the cost of content acquisition and shortens the overall production time. The production team has better control over their content, and it is easier to reuse footage at a later point in time.

But while the benefits are extensive, more and more time sensitive media production is going file-based. With this the timely exchange of broadcast quality content becomes a key challenge. Often content owners, broadcasters and producers exchange raw and produced material using inefficient industry standards protocols, without a centrally managed transfer service. This leads to slow transfers and inefficient bandwidth usage, IT departments having to manage on-premise hardware and software, and time wasted on manual exchange of server information and user credentials.

So what’s our solution?

With our Nimbra FileTeleport solution, service providers can give broadcasters truly accelerated file transfers using an interoperable platform that removes the hassle of manual information exchange.

Nimbra FileTeleport gives service providers a tool to help broadcasters exchange file-based content quickly and efficiently using on-demand network capacity. Through our Customer and Application Provisioned Networks solution we use software defined networking (SDN) technology to automatically provision on-demand bandwidth. This makes file transfers extremely fast compared to today’s solutions, which typically rely on pre-provisioned and static bandwidth, or even worse public infrastructure with no bandwidth guarantees what so ever. Designed for media networks Nimbra FileTeleport optimize network utilization, wasting no valuable resources on unnecessary overhead, retransmissions or slow starts that are all too common with other solutions.

Through an intuitive self-service portal, content owners, media producers and broadcasters can exchange file-based content with guaranteed time-of-arrival, and optionally pay extra to increase speed for urgent transfers. This helps broadcasters with their content exchange challenges, and makes sure that they spend less time moving content around and more time on actual content production. Service providers get a new market offering that elevates them from pure connectivity providers. Climbing the value chain means service providers can charge a premium compared to today’s media and data services.

We have seen that with Nimbra FileTeleport service providers can charge up to 5 times as much for their network capacity compared with today’s connectivity services.

Fully integrated with the entire Nimbra portfolio and the Customer and Application Provisioned Network solution, FileTeleport is simple to deploy and automates the entire order-to-bill process. This makes it easy to get started, and easy to scale.

Key Benefits

Truly accelerates

Integrated SDN technology that automatically provisions on-demand bandwidth makes file transfers extremely fast.

Guarantees arrival time

Guaranteed time-of-arrival gives broadcasters the predictability required to focus on media production rather than content exchange.


Entirely automated order-to-bill process removes the need for manual provisioning and creates substantial OPEX savings.

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