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Digital Terrestrial Television

The proven and cost effective way to provide TV with high penetration

In spite of all alternative ways to consume media today, sitting around the “fire-camp” and watch linear TV together will still play a major roll in consumers behavior for years to come. Net Insight has the experience needed to provide you with a full transport solution for your Digital Terrestrial TV network.

The future DTT network is more than just about TV

While Digital Terrestrial TV (DTT) today have competition from other forms of distributing linear television, and recently also from non-linear technologies as OTT, DTT is still the preferred method to serve users with the TV media in many countries. This is due to the fact that DTT is a cost effective distribution form with very high penetration, and it is fully controlled by the policy makers of the respective countries. But the increased competition from other distribution methods sets DTT under a transformation pressure. End users are looking for more interactivity also when consuming traditional TV; they want to view TV on their mobile platforms etc.

This transformation aspect must be catered for in the transport infrastructure. It shall not be necessary to do a forklift upgrade of the infrastructure when new services and formats are introduced. Net Insight has a history in providing multiservice transport network that copes with migration of services and transport formats. By supporting both old ASI based and new Ethernet based service formats it is possible to migrate services seamlessly when for example transmitter stations with long depreciation times are written off and upgraded. Net Insight have a very large number of countrywide DTT installations serving both DVB-T and DVB-T2 as well as other used standards such as ISDB-T, ATSC and DMB-T. No other vendor offers built-in transport of absolute time within the network, that is used for Single Frequency Networks, over both IP and legacy SDH/SONET based networks. The platform is also used by a numerous networks for Broadcast Radio.

What Net Insight customers also experiences is that the network they purchased can also be used for other services, such as media contribution for broadcasters, mobile backhaul from remote locations for telco service providers etc. This has contributed to their revenue streams in a very positive way.

The typical challenges the broadcaster or service provider experiences when planning for an DTT transport infrastructure can be summarized as:

  • Rapid deployment – New nationwide infrastructure must be deployed in a short time putting requirement on simple, reliable provisioning, capacity planning and node configuration.
  • Reliability – National TV distribution is mission critical to governments. These systems require advanced redundancy and disaster recovery schemes to handle network faults.
  • Efficiency – It must be easy to operate the network since OPEX costs will deflect capital needed to produce TV programming.
  • Multi-Service – To have a fast Return of Investment on the infrastructure, several services are desired to be accommodated in the infrastructure without interfering with the critical TV transport. This is specifically a challenge when mixing distribution, contribution and IT traffic.
  • Transport properties – The platform must also handle large scale multicast, efficient usage of link capacity and reliable distribution of time to transmitters for Single Frequency Networks.

So what’s our solution?

Net Insight’s Nimbra MSR platform is the leading transport solution offering the most reliable transport network for DTT distribution with state of the art IP QoS functionality. It provides a multi-service IP platform with advanced network management capabilities offering highly automated, plug-and-play operation when deploying large scale networks. What also sets it apart from other vendors offerings is that it does not only offer Video Gateway support, it also offers on-path support in the network in order to handle enhanced quality and bandwidth efficiency requirements of the services. Operators can configure the systems and provision new services quickly and easily, with none or a minimum of Traffic Engineering, effectively cutting OPEX costs.

The Nimbra MSR offers the best link utilization on the market with its guaranteed bandwidth transport avoiding the need for overprovisioning to ensure quality and hence provides maximum ROI for the expensive radio links.

The platform supports advanced network redundancy schemes assisted by an automatic control plane that offers mesh protection and 1+1 protection for IP unicast and multicast. The system also has built in disaster recovery mechanisms for head ends.

The multicast scheme has specifically been designed for large scale TV distribution. It is assisted by simple point and click configuration and automatic mesh restoration with significantly shorter convergence times than what is usual in regular IP multicasting.

The Nimbra MSR platform supports network-based time distribution with built in protection switching. This means that you can distribute highly accurate time signals to the transmitters inband. This mitigates the need for GPS receivers for receiving 1 PPS and 10 MHz signals at the transmitters and strengthens the system against vulnerabilities associated with GPS time distribution.

Uncompromised QoS

State of the art IP QoS mechanisms for mission critical video distribution offering zero packet loss, low jitter transport

Stay in sync

Network-based time distribution (1 PPS and 10 MHz) for less dependence of vulnerable and costly GPS time distribution

Extended services

Mix Digital TV and Broadcast Radio distribution, Content contribution, IT/VPN/File Transfer services in one platform

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