5G Synchronization / Precision TimeNet

Accurate Time Synchronization for 5G mobile and critical networks over existing IP infrastructure

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  • Net Insight solution offers a complement to GNSS and PTP solutions significantly reducing overall 5G roll-out costs by enabling accurate 5G time synchronization over existing network infrastructure. It offers a standards compatible PTP output to the 5G RAN or directly into the base stations, but does not put demands on full PTP HW support in intermediate nodes.
  • The solution is completely network technology or vendor independent, meaning it works over any heterogenous telco infrastructure, including leased lines and microwaves.
  • Net Insight has strong experience in time synchronization for over 15 years and the core technology is currently used for GNSS/GPS-independent sync in about 20 national digital terrestrial networks worldwide and Turk Telekom recently signed an agreement with Net Insight for use in their nation 5G rollout.
  • Accurate time synchronization is critical for the operation of any 5G network and the accuracy required (<1 µs) is 20x higher than in 3G/4G networks. Poor time synchronization will not only degrade the operation of one’s own 5G network but threat to interfere with any other operator’s 5G operation due to the inherent TDD requirements.


  • GNSS/GPS synchronization is commonly used for synchronizing mobile base stations, but operators are increasingly aware of the threat of jamming and spoofing of GNSS signals and several countries have mandated operators to be GNSS/GPS independent. 5G networks will in contrast to most 3G/4G networks be increasingly used for mission critical services including blue light services but also used for autonomuous cars and realtime industry applications (i.e. ultra reliable and low latency communication, uRLLC). Thus the security and reliability is key to mobile operators.
  • PTP or IEEE1588 is providing accurate time synchronization in IP networks, but requires on-path HW support in all nodes from clock source to the base stations, often prohibiting fast and cost-efficient roll-outs, especially in more provincial and rural areas.


Why Precision TimeNet?

Reduces roll-out costs significantly

5G rollouts can be done without replacing or upgrading existing nodes in the networks – No forklift upgrades are needed

GNSS/GPS independent

GNSS solutions are inherently vulnerable to jamming and interference

Accelerates national 5G Roll-outs

Ability to deploy over existing 4G core and aggregation networks including leased lines significantly reduces rollout time to rural and regional areas

Ensures high reliability and better uptime of critical 5G service

Enhanced multilink and redundancy options improves stability. Precision TimeNet can be used standalone or as backup/complement to existing sync solution

Proven and mature technology

used in other mission-critical networks for over 15 years

First large 5G reference

with Turk Telekom national roll-out


5G and Mobile Networks

Smart Grids and Utilities

Blue Light and Tetra Networks

Navigational and Radar Systems

Media and DTT Networks

Smart cities and IoT

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Solution features

High accuracy

Provides satellite independent time distribution over existing IP networks with an accuracy of 100 ns – 1 us


Solution independent of underlying vendors or IP technology

Grandmaster functionality

Provides a distributed Grandmaster functionality following IEEE1588v2 G.8275.1 and .2 telco profiles

Handles asymmetries

Detects and compensates for asymmetries over IP and optical networks

Overlay sync network

Provides an overlay sync network with built-in resilience to link, node or clock source failures

Autocalibration capabilities

Supports multiple links with autocalibration capabilities

Multiple clock sources

Intelligent sync routing protocol supporting multiple clock sources

Telemetry and alarm handling

Sophisticated sync performance monitoring, telemetry and alarm handling

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