Showing standard multi-vendor network control with NMOS IS-06

With the technology shift to IP and IT based production comes challenges regarding the control of production and network environments. Challenges that are addressed by the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA) with their Networked Media Open Specifications (NMOS) initiative. One of the NMOS specifications is IS-06, describing standardised API control of a managed network. These specifications are very important to the real world adoption of IP and SMPTE ST 2110 based production.



At the SMPTE 2018 Annual Technical Conference in Los Angeles, USA, end of October, Net Insight successfully participated in a multi-vendor interoperability demonstration of NMOS IS-06. We showed Nimbra Vision as an IS-06 compliant Network Controller and Nimbra MSR’s as wide area network gateways. Participators in the interop session included Net Insight, Cisco, Mellanox, Sony and Manica.


Net Insight showed Nimbra MSRs transporting SMPTE ST 2110 flows over a wide area network based on instructions from a Broadcast Controller (BC).

Nimbra Vision was running as the Network Controller (NC) that setup and tear down services in the MSR network, and Nimbra MSR’s allowed Nimbra Vision to control how the ST 2110 streams, using IP multicast, were forwarded only to the ports intended for the flow.

Nimbra Vision was connected northbound to the Broadcast Controller provided by Macnica using NMOS IS-06 specified APIs. The Broadcast Controller also setup the media endpoints using NMOS IS-05 to send and receive the video, audio and ANC essence streams through the Nimbra MSR’s.