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Whether your customer wants to produce in the cloud or using their premises, we can help you offer the service they need to optimize their production adapted to your available infrastructure.

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Offer your customers remote collaboration

With the implementation of remote production (REMI), networking has been realized in all production workflows – and with shows increasingly being distributed via cloud or data centers, the seamless networking experience is more critical than ever.

Remote production efficiency depends on having a network that supports broadcasters’ and production companies’ workflows. Your networking solutions must easily include all available network types to fulfill the various demands of your customers.

The challenges depend on your customer and event type.


Top 3 production-service priorities we support
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Understanding your media customers

Media customers are implementing distributed production – production resources and personnel will be centrally located away from the event arena.
Therefore they need to be able to rely on the quality your network can bring, yet they want it to be easy to use and even self-provisioned as a virtual private network. A Service provider today must offer a lossless media service to their customer. Media services for events must be provisioned quickly, and sometimes high-redundancy requirements.

Producing an event from a remote requires extremely short and controlled latency. To offer this, a service provider must ensure nondestructive encoding and accurate timing of the delivered transport.

How to optimise existing infrastructure

Production media services may range from high-profile events such as Olympics or the Champions league final with hundreds of 4K signals, to low tier youth leauge productions over internet with a few semi-professional feeds.

A Service providers challenge is to offer a wide variety of services over their existing standard IP netowrks – supporting both 100G handoffs as well as integration into seamless cloud connections over internet.
Media services needs to be adapted to your standard IP transport preserving the low-latency lossless requirements of media delivery. Different compression is needed to lower the bandwith requirements as well as time alignment of streams.

All this services need to be provisioned overcoming packet-loss and jitter while providing disaster recovery.

Ensure integrity and protection for multiple customers

Broadcasters and production companies want to interconnect their different production facilities and event locations. To achive that it is important to fulfill security- protection and integrity demands for multiple customers in a cost efficent way.

When interconnecting IP-studio locations it is important to manage different IP-domains and protect the different networks from intrusions. This needs to be done easily for high-bandwith services with very specific requirements – which is difficult using traditional firewall solutions.

The solution must easily route occational use services trough the network, maintaining integrity and quality between different users of the services.


Which production network fits your customers purpose?

Broadcast productions networking needs range from high-quality Tier 1 events like the Champions League to small, Tier 3 events such as local or regional tournaments. Using the cloud for production is where most broadcasters are now heading as it is scalable, cost-effective, and available on demand. At the same time, for tier 1 events, broadcast productions will require managed network applications for best protection, quality, and latency.

As a Service provider, you need to provide independent network requirements flexibly. We can provide a fully integrated solution- although we separate our offering into two central technology areas: Cloud & Internet and Managed Networks, as defined below.

Production over cloud & internet

We provide solutions for cloud interconnect, giving a fully manageable view of the IP network resources for cloud production. Connect any third-party appliance to any public or private cloud & explore the possibility to control end-to-end latency down to a millisecond level.

Route feeds to any location where there is internet availability. Your customer uses the cloud to produce a broader range of events, such as minor e-sport tournaments, to be more cost-effective. Expand your services by offering auxiliary production feeds to complement the host feed with applicable extra content, such as interviews from fan zones and beauty-cam shots.

Production over managed networks

We provide solutions for managed networks – integrate over your existing IP infrastructure, allowing production of high-profile events with multiple synchronized cameras while maintaining ultra-low latency.

Offer implementation of independent workflows, changes ‘on the fly, adaptation, and repurposes of content; we ensure complete protection and security of assets. Our solutions have the highest density on the market with full flexibility of formats and functions. Security of content with no degradation during transport remains one of our key priorities. Our managed solutions are used for major sports events and World Cups.


Looking to offer other media services?

Solution for contribution as-a-service

Whether your customer needs to transport live content over public/private cloud or managed network cloud, Net Insight can help you offer the service they need to create a reliable, seamless, and high-quality experience.

Solution for distribution as-a-service

Whether using cloud or IP infrastructures, Net Insight can help you offer cost-efficient, reliable, and secure primary distribution to your customer’s affiliates and partners.

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