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Whether using cloud or IP infrastructures, Net Insight can help you offer cost-efficient, reliable, and secure primary distribution to your customers, affiliates and partners.

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Offer primary distribution anywhere

Historically, broadcasters have distributed content to affiliates primarily using satellite and, more recently, IP networks. Now it is possible to support this transition over your infrastructure, entailing flexibility and availability of the cloud.

The potential of the cloud for primary distribution is huge as content resources can be manipulated, transcoded, and distributed through a seamless infrastructure. Your broadcast customers will request secure distribution in selected formats to numerous destinations – to be achieved within seconds.


Top 3 distribution priorities we support you with

Understanding your media customers

Satellite was the only option for primary live content distribution for many years. While satellite has advantages in terms of extended reach, there is a threshold cost associated with channel distribution. Cloud and IP networks have recently started to provide cost-effective alternatives with highly scalable pricing. Consequently, broadcasters want more affordable distributions, including content destined for smaller audiences. The offering needs to fulfill the broadcast quality requirements that vary from OTT channels to large Broadcast network distribution.

How to optimize existing infrastructure

The varying requirements of the broadcast community challenge you to handle both 100G handoffs as well as integration into seamless cloud connections over internet.

Broadcasters seek solutions combining fiber, internet,d cloud options to address all markets. Your offer requires a unified solution so they can launch new channels and services more quickly and cost-effectively with outstanding opportunities to engage their audiences and boost their advertising revenues.

All these services must be provisioned, overcoming packet loss and jitter while providing disaster recovery.

How to ensure integrity and protection for multiple customers

Broadcasters and production companies require multiple customers’ security, protection, and integrity when interconnecting their different playout facilities and affiliates. These connections should also be cost-efficient.

When interconnecting IP-playout locations, managing different IP domains and protecting the other networks from intrusions is essential. This needs to be done for high-bandwidth services with very high requirements, which is difficult when using traditional firewall solutions.


Which distribution network fits your customers purpose?

No matter the available infrastructure for channel distribution, Net Insight provides solutions that can reliably and securely transport your customer’s content reliably and securely. Our cloud solution offers an effective bridge for moving from satellite to IP. We now support national terrestrial distribution in more than 30 countries.

Distribution over cloud & internet

Broadcasters have historically used satellites as their primary distribution solution. You can now offer services over cloud bridging the transition from satellite to IP. We offer solutions to cloud distribution, enabling a complete manageable view of your customer’s IP network resources.

Our solutions can integrate existing appliances into any public or private cloud for cost efficiency. We also offer the possibility to control end-to-end latency down to a millisecond level.

Distribute channels to any location where internet is available with the flexibility to add and insert content wherever required. Our solution offers quality and assurance for your customer’s distribution in the cloud while also being easy to use.

Distribution over managed networks

Suppose your customers require the highest possible quality for primary distribution. In that case, we provide distributed solutions for managed networks, ensuring 99.999% availability for distributing high-value channel content over any IP infrastructure such as MPLS.

Offer the lowest available latency regardless of distribution to affiliates or transmission towers, our solutions can provide time distribution for single-frequency alignment.

Our solutions offer the highest density on the market with complete flexibility of formats and functions. We make it possible to transport content securely without losing quality. As of 2021, our distribution solutions are employed for national terrestrial distribution in over 30 countries.


Looking to offer other media services?

Solution for production as-a-service

Whether your customer wants to produce in cloud or using their premises, we can help you offer the service they need to optimize their production adapted to your available infrastructure.

Solution for contribution as-a-service

Whether your customer needs to transport live content over public/private cloud or managed network cloud, Net Insight can help you offer the service they need to create a reliable, seamless, and high-quality experience.

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