Contribution solutions for media service providers

Whether your customer needs to transport live content over public/private cloud or managed network, Net Insight can help you offer the service they need to create a reliable, seamless, and high-quality experience.

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Offer your customers efficient live content transport

Premium live feeds from sports events must be moved from production to final distribution. Your customers have invested significantly in producing state-of-the-art content and are looking to you to help them transport it most securely and reliably possible.

The challenges vary depending on network types and quality requirements. IP networks yield flexible new options for managing and routing content, but they must be provided within a reliable, easy to work, and controlled environment.


Top 3 contribution priorities we support you with

Understand your media customers

Media customers have different requirements depending on budget, network availability, and type of content to transport their feeds from venues and between facilities. This content is sensitive to latency jitter and packet losses, and therefore they need to be able to rely on the quality your network can bring.

The services must be easy to use or even self-provisioned as a virtual private network. Media contribution can take place in any corner of the world and is seamlessly handled independently of network type. Media services for events must be provisioned quickly and often with high-redundancy requirements.

How to optimise existing infrastructure

Media content has the extraordinary quality and reliability requirements. The challenge for service providers is to address these requirements in all environments. This means supporting both 100G handoffs as well as integration into seamless cloud connections over internet.

Your standard IP transport must be adapted to deliver services with the low-latency lossless media delivery requirements. For efficient bandwidth use, your media network must support different compression formats.

All services must be carefully provisioned, overcoming packet loss and jitter while providing disaster recovery.

How to ensure integrity and protection for multiple customers

Broadcasters and production companies require multiple customers’ security, protection, and integrity when interconnecting their production facilities and event locations. These connections must be cost-efficient connecting IP studio locations, and it is essential to manage different IP domains and protect the other networks from intrusions. This needs to be done for high-bandwidth services with very high requirements, which is difficult when using traditional firewall solutions.

The challenge is managing multiple customers efficiently, including occasional-use services that need to be routed through the network, maintaining integrity and quality between different users.


Which contribution network fits your customers purpose?

Contribution networking needs range from high-quality Tier 1 events like the Champions League to small, Tier 3 events such as local or regional tournaments. The trend is to use more cloud contribution – with demand for scalability, cost-efficiency, and on-demand availability, very often to replace satellite. For tier 1 events, the broadcast contribution will require managed network applications for best protection, quality, and latency.

A service provider needs to provide services independent of network requirements flexibly. We can provide a fully integrated solution- although we separate our offering into two central technology areas: Cloud & Internet and Managed Networks, as defined below.

Contribution over cloud & internet

We provide solutions for cloud interconnect, giving a fully manageable view of the IP network resources for cloud contribution.

Connect any third-party appliance to any public or private cloud. We offer the possibility to control end-to-end latency down to a millisecond level.

Route feeds to any location where there is internet availability. Your customer uses the cloud to contribute to a broader range of events, such as minor e-sport tournaments, to be more cost-effective.

Our solutions offer quality and assurance for contributions via the cloud while being cost-efficient and very easy to use.

Contribution over managed networks

We provide solutions for media contribution in managed networks so your customers can bring in secured content from high-profile events worldwide.

With Net Insight technologies, your customers can benefit from ultra-low latency, robust, high-quality content protection.

Our solutions have the highest density on the market with complete flexibility of formats and functions. Security of content with no degradation during transport remains one of our key priorities.

Our managed solutions contribute live content from major sports events and World cups.


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Solution for production as-a-service

Whether your customer wants to produce in the cloud or to use their premises, we can help you offer the service they need to optimize their production adapted to your available infrastructure.

Solution for distribution as-a-service

Whether using cloud or IP infrastructures, Net Insight can help you offer cost-efficient, reliable, and secure primary distribution to your customers, affiliates, and partners.

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