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Ultra-low latency and scalability are the latest buzzwords of the industry, but they are hardly translated into tangible results: the 2019 Super Bowl was streamed with an average of 37 seconds in latency from the live event, with viewers watching up to 107 seconds out of sync with each other. On top of that, many complained of glitchy streams and apps crashing at crucial moments, proving that the issue of livestreaming at scale is a long way from being solved.

At the same time, the value of live content is steadily on the increase, with huge audiences watching from all corners of the world, and viewers’ tolerance to poor streaming is dropping fast. What’s more, social sharing is becoming part and parcel of the viewing experience, and when people share an experience it can become a social phenomenon – the 2018 FIFA World Cup reached 115 billion Twitter impressions and more than 2.3 billion Facebook interactions.

The rise of live-streamed video has shaken established business models and created completely new ones. Traditional live streaming is still struggling with drift, lack of sync, video quality and limited scalability. As a result, a truly engaging, TV-like experience is impossible, disconnecting viewers and content. Sye has solved these challenges and unlocked the real potential of live streaming, offering True Live. To learn more, download our solution overview.

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