StackPath creates a True Live Streaming Experience with Sye on their innovative global edge network infrastructure

“We saw that the live streaming market demanded low latency, synchronized live streaming of exceptional quality. Delivering Sye on top of our global edge network allows us to provide a better-than-broadcast experience to users globally, at scale and at any time.” – Wen Temitim, Chief Technology Officer of StackPath

The Brief

Combining StackPath’s edge computing technology with Net Insight’s Sye solution provides the best live streaming experience on the market with better-than-broadcast quality, perfect sync, ultra-low latency, innovative interactivity and limitless scalability.

The Challenge

StackPath noticed the market potential within live streaming, and started considering the possibilities of enabling True Live Streaming with global reach using their innovative edge compute network. Working with Net Insight StackPath learned that users of the ground-breaking CDN live streaming technology, Sye, demanded global coverage to reach viewers in an instant as well as high capacity and bursting traffic patterns to handle the harsh nature of live events. Understanding these requirements, StackPath identified a great fit between Sye and their edge compute infrastructure.

In addition, users looking to try out Sye as a managed service wanted to start small without being limited when growing in the future. Therefore Sye Streaming Service, which is owned and operated by Net Insight, demanded multi-CDN functionality as well as massive scalability at a competitive price point. Needs that once again suited StackPaths infrastructure very well.

With users ranging from some of the largest video streamers in the world to smaller startups all demanding the capabilities of Sye, the flexibility of starting small and growing to millions of viewers globally made the combination of Net Insight’s Sye and StackPath’s infrastructure a great fit.

The Solution

Leverage Sye to support True Live Streaming

Armed with the experience of working with traditional networks and cloud providers, Net Insight started to work with StackPath to enable their infrastructure for live streaming.

Using StackPath’s infrastructure, the Sye software is entirely containerized in docker, providing management, alarming, and monitoring capabilities. The main content distribution components are ingress, fan-out and egress nodes, which are primarily used to receive a video stream from an upstream source and then replicate it downstream. In addition to this, ingress nodes also originate data that is delivered in perfect sync with the audio and video. Data which can be used to create new interactive live experiences like live voting, betting, polling and quizzes.

Sye on the StackPath edge network

To run Sye on the StackPath edge network, the following happens:

  1. The live event video and audio is encoded at multiple bitrate levels and transported using SSP (Sye Streaming Protocol) to a group of StackPath ingress nodes.
  2. The ingress node copies the stream and sends it to StackPath fanout nodes. It optionally originates a synchronized data feed with interactive content.
  3. The fanout nodes stream audio, video and data to StackPath groups of egress nodes, and optionally write what they receive to cloud storage for time shift capabilities.
  4. The egress nodes then stream audio, video and data to clients with per-client adaptive bitrate. They optionally also insert personalized ads into the stream as needed.

Client apps integrate Sye capabilities using the Sye SDK and receive ABR video using SSP.

The Results

Perfect sync, ultra-low latency, and massive scalability

Net Insight’s Sye solution, backed by StackPath’s edge computing technology, is able to solve all the issues that spoil the live streaming experience.

True Live Streaming with Sye unlocks the real potential of live streaming, offering:

  • Ultra-low consistent latency: No more buffering or drifting; configure your stream to sync with the linear broadcast or be even faster than TV.
  • Perfect sync: Sync video, audio, notifications, voting, betting, polling, quiz questions and data overlays across all of your devices.
  • Better-than-broadcast quality: Sye outclasses traditional HTTP-file-based solutions and provides a top-of-the-line Quality of Experience.
  • Massive scalability: Handle millions of global viewers with limitless scalability.

About StackPath:

StackPath is a platform of secure edge services, with an innovative global edge network infrastructure delivering enterprise-grade security and performance in a frictionless, on-demand platform with cloud-scale control and flexibility.