4K Remote Production

Net Insight Makes Live 4K Possible for Germany’s MEDIA BROADCAST

Net Insight’s vision to enable broadcasters and service providers to deliver more live and interactive media experiences is highlighted through a solution for MEDIA BROADCAST, one of Germany’s leading full-service providers in the broadcasting and media space.

Taking advantage of Net Insight’s expertise in live, 4K remote production, MEDIA BROADCAST GmbH realized its first 4K transmission between its two main production sites. The solution implemented is scalable and set up to enable MEDIA BROADCAST to offer more and more premium services, as required, to help them remain competitive, both now and in the future.

“Choosing the right technology is vital for the success of live event video transmissions,” says Daniel Wolbers, group manager of Transport & Infrastructure at MEDIA BROADCAST. “Due to our experience with 4K video contribution link for pearl.tv we were confident that Net Insight could meet our even higher demands for event broadcasts. The success of this project has proven this.”

The 4K remote production solution typifies Net Insight’s customer-centric business focus and the company’s vision to enable its customers and theirs to activate television audiences by providing the quality of experience (QoE), live and local content, and interactive TV viewing that consumers want to be a part of.