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High-quality live content holds the key to a loyal audience, but live production is resource intensive and traditional OB production limits the amount of content broadcasters can bring to their audience.

As competition for eyeballs increases, broadcasters and media providers need to do more with less resources.



We are simplifying the challenges the broadcast industry faces in deploying live at-home productions. Integrating Net Insight’s Nimbra platform with Calrec’s RP1 At-home Production unit provides a full audio remote production solution offering simple connectivity, quality assured transport and precise control of audio mixes from any location.


By joining forces, Grass Valley and Net Insight can offer the next step of at-home production by integrating the camera feeds over IP with the Nimbra platform and enabling high-quality low-bandwidth at-home production with minimal delay and no base stations (CCU) on the event site.

Precise control from any location

Nimbra integrates with Calrec’s RP1 Remote Production unit.

An unforgettable Australian Open

Grand slam for Gearhouse Broadcast and Seven Network.

Save money


High quality and reduced cost

Net Insight can uniquely offer broadcasters and production houses an end-to-end solution for at-home production that includes fully distributed production workflows over commonly available IP infrastructure. With on-demand scheduling of production resources and software-defined workflow automation, Net Insight offers additional operational cost reductions and shorter time to service.

Why go remote 2.0?

The clearest way to streamline the cost of live event production is to reduce the burden of its most expensive resource: the facilities required to capture, process and produce at a venue and the engineers needed to set-up, operate and manage it.

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  • Media Broadcast

    Taking advantage of Net Insight’s expertise in live, 4K remote production, MEDIA BROADCAST GmbH realized its first 4K transmission between its two main production sites.

  • Remote Production 1.0
    Content is content – Live is king

    When the robots take over, talent will rule. As workflows become more automated, talent becomes more valuable. Make the most of yours. Remote production lets you put your production and talent where you can use them most; in your central studio, being fed from all over the country and all over the world.

  • TV2 Denmark

    Since introduction of remote production in 2015, TV 2 Denmark has produced and aired more than 200 multi-camera broadcasts.

End-to-end portfolio only available from Net Insight


Resource management.


Media transport.


True live OTT.

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