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Remote Production with Nimbra

Nimbra MSR platform has a unique capability, not only to compress and adapt the video content with low latency, but also secure the WAN transport controlling the quality of all traffic types. It is also possible to get a plug & play experience at the event site, where resources are scares. It is possible to use the same standardized workflow, regardless of WAN technology use. All giving lower OPEX and making it easier to implement Remote Production.

We have examples showing that Remote Production can give 42% lower cost for a production of which 11% is directly related to Nimbra. Let us make a simple calculation to see what your cost reduction would be by providing your case details to us. Please fill in your contact details below and we will get in contact.

Do more with less

Remote Production effectively untie bottlenecks in your live event production.

Make the most of your talents

Use your on-screen talents for more productions

Deliver higher quality to multiple platforms

Better production quality, tailored to multiple platforms

Trusted by global customers
across many industries

”Net Insight enables us to conduct parallel productions at different handball arenas across Denmark with lower costs and fewer resources, allowing us to provide our audiences with more live handball matches with the highest possible quality.”

Henrik Frederiksen, Head Of Production, TV 2/SPORT

“Together we’ve set a new benchmark for live remote production at a major sporting event.”

Adde Granberg, Director of technology, CTO at SVT

“What we’re doing as a telco is unique, no one else is doing this and it’s only possible with Nimbra since the technology gives us the confidence to go to market and gives broadcasters the trust in us as a telco to deliver the highest quality, highest reliability at a fraction of the cost.”

Umut Keten, Senior Architect at Türk Telekom

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