RAS evolve to network coverage with Net Insight

RAS, the public service broadcaster serving the Südtirol region of Northern Italy has continued to innovate its network coverage with Net Insight as it migrates towards full DVB-T2 services in 2022. 

From its headquarters in Bozen, Rundfunk-Anstalt Südtirol is responsible for the distribution of German language radio and TV programming but also broadband to various mountain villages and 4G services to local mobile operators.

Its relationship with Net Insight began in 2007 when RAS selected Nimbra for optimization and full redundancy of its network. The relationship expanded the beginning of the DVB-T era in 2010 when RAS incorporated Net Insight’s unique Time Transfer feature for GPS-free time synchronization.

That move attracted a lot of attention since it was rare for any broadcaster to go with a non-GPS system for a Single Frequency Network (SFN). Having found GPS lacking in consistency and stability RAS selected Nimbra to guarantee signal synchronization and quality of service as well as highest possible reliability.

RAS required ASI interfaces for DTT, E1 interfaces for DAB, and IP connections for the various network management systems. Nimbra had these all capabilities while Nimbra Vision managed the point to multipoint connections seamlessly and easily for RAS and its small team.

“The GPS-free time synchronization feature has far exceeded our expectations and we now have a perfectly stable and low-cost time synchronization across our network,” says Hugo Moroder, project manager, RAS.

RAS has now upgraded and expanded its partnership with Net Insight to the latest version of network management tool Nimbra Vision.

“The Nimbra platform enables RAS to easily and cost-efficiently transport multiple services in the network at the highest possible quality levels,” Moroder said. “It means with one platform it is possible to build the entire distribution network for DVB-T DAB and IP Network for management and monitoring transmitter sites. As a public broadcaster, this wide ranging and futureproofing capability is particularly important.”

RAS is preparing to migrate from DVB-T SD/HD to DVB-T2/HEVC HD services by June 2022.

Read more about RAS: https://www.ras.bz.it/en/

Read more about Nimbra & Nimbra Vision here: https://netinsight.net/products-and-services/nimbra/