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Media transport. Resource scheduling. True live OTT.

Our products enable live, interactive and on-demand media transport, with operational simplicity to let you focus on delivering the best possible experience to your customers.

We power the world’s largest media networks, with unrivaled service quality and a level of simplicity that let people forget just how large they are. Our strength lies in enabling lossless video transport at any scale – from live contribution via Internet, to ultra-high-definition distribution in managed media networks spanning the globe.

  • Synchronized live OTT

    Enhance your Live OTT service with an audience in sync, enabling combined OTT streaming and social interaction for the first time and an intuitive user experience with the channel swipe that makes sense.

  • Managed Media Networks

    Meet your media transport needs today and in the future with unprecedented quality and operational simplicity. Built to help you deliver high quality live and on-demand media content our Managed Media Networks portfolio provides carrier-grade performance and availability, with flexibility and modularity for future capacity and functional needs.

  • Resource Scheduling

    Get total control over resource and facility management, by improving efficiency and optimizing utilization. Reduce the complexity of your business down to its most manageable form.

  • Internet Media Transport

    Exploit the power of the Internet with global reach and cost efficient connectivity. Created to deliver broadcast video quality services over the most challenging of network conditions, the Internet Media Transport product family extends to cover everything from transport, to encoding and beyond.

  • Network Orchestration and Apps

    Quickly introduce new services and offerings on the market. Designed to maximize simplicity and service agility, our orchestration solution provides you with a programmable and software defined network with unlimited potential. Instantly provision services from any application to support customer self-service and automated workflows.


Professional Services

Optimizing network design,
planning and scheduling.

Our Professional Services


Maintaining highest level of network availability and scheduling capability.

Our Support Services


you a step ahead.

Our Trainings

Managed Services

Managed Services from Net Insight is a single-source solution that helps monitor, manage and support a Nimbra-based media network.

By taking the complexity, concerns and high costs out and ensuring that your network operates at peak efficiency around the clock, you can focus on new business opportunities instead.

Our Managed Services

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