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True Live. In Perfect Sync.

Interested in testing Sye? Start with Sye Streaming Service. Running on top of Azure, Sye Streaming Service gives your audience – regardless of platform – a premium live broadcast experience. No more disconnect between your OTT and TV viewers. No more spoilers. All in Perfect Sync. Sye Streaming Service is made for live sports, breaking news, live events, live betting and live auctions. It is also ideally suited for enhanced second screen experiences, supporting multi-camera sporting events or interactive quiz or game shows.

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“The unique combination of ultra-low latency streaming and synchronized audio, video, and metadata, makes it possible for us to create live and interactive trivia shows.”

Daniel Weilar , Co-founder of PrimeTime

“Net Insight’s Sye Streaming Service has allowed HOFr to create a unique live sports product that we believe can change the way fans experience live events”

Jim Giles, HOFr Operations

“In the STCC Live app we included multi-view driver cams, guest commentators, synchronized leader boards, and the produced feed. All in sync. This is the future of TV”

Daniel Sporre, CEO of STCC

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