Introduction to ScheduALL Software

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This three-day course is designed to impart basic ScheduALL product knowledge that can be applied to day-to-day operations by ScheduALL users.

This beginner’s course is an instructor led course with demonstrations and practice labs, after which a final exam is given. The objective of the course is to introduce students to basic features, terminology and navigation of ScheduALL. The ScheduALL Fundamentals course is the pre-requisite for ScheduALL Advanced Certification.


  • Modules: Scheduling, Projects, Quotes, Reporting, Personnel, Asset Media Management, Web Facilities Portal, Invoicing, External Costs
  • Length: Three Days
  • Target User: ScheduALL Users


  • None


DAY 1:

  • Scheduling Overview
  • Scheduling Tasks
  • Project Manager Overview
  • Project Manager Tasks
  • Quotes Manager Overview
  • Quotes Manager Tasks

DAY 2:

  • Reports Overview
  • Reports Organization
  • Reports Catalog Maintenance
  • Billing Overview
  • Invoice Generate / Reprint / Reverse
  • External Costs Overview
  • PO Generation
  • Vendor Invoices

DAY 3:

  • Personnel Manager Overview
  • Personnel Manager Tasks
  • Personnel Manager Setup / Navigation
  • Personnel Activities / Shifts / Patterns
  • Asset Media Manager Overview
  • Asset Media Manager Navigation / Search
  • Portal for Facilities Overview
  • Portal for Facilities Configurations
  • Portal Bookings Create / Edit
  • Portal Ad-hoc Bookings


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