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Maintaining highest level of network and scheduling availability.

Distinguished with over twenty years of industry specific experience, Net Insight Support Services continues to support the largest media, broadcast, and transmission customers around the globe. The Net Insight Support Team quickly and efficiently provides incident-based support by enhancing maintenance and activations, supporting contract questions, and responding to both technical and non-technical requests.

Net Insight Support Service can improve your operation’s long-term stability, as well as, optimize and enhance your network functionality with a single service interface that won’t diminish the prioritization of your business needs.

Support Agreement

Net Insight holds deep knowledge and experience of media networks to provide reliable, safe support. We encourage our customers to sign a support agreement in order to get access to our Support Services.

Technical Assistance Center

The Technical Assistance Center (TAC) is accessible through Support Portal, email or phone during business hours. Net Insight also offers a 24/7 phone support option.

With Net Insight’s very efficient organization you will directly reach your Single Point of Contact for fault reports, problem resolution and consultation.

Remote Investigation Access

Net Insight engineers can perform remote access investigation on servers.
Using Remote Investigation clearly reduces fault identification and resolution time.

Software Maintenance

Net Insight Support includes access to our releases as well as continuous updates.
The software is easily accessible from the support portal.

Hardware Maintenance

During warranty period, products received for repair will be replaced and shipped.

As a support contract customer you have the choice between having hardware shipped within ten days after we have received the erroneous equipment, or shipping the next day.

Support Options

Net Insight offers support in two options: Premium and Basic.

See the data sheet for more specifics.

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