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Professional Services

Optimizing network design, planning and scheduling.

Our team of highly skilled project managers, engineers and implementation managers with expert experience in the broadcast and telecom sectors support and assist in: management, engineering, scheduling and implementation. We provide the best conditions for a successful and timely launch of service in the most cost-effective way. Our Professional Services team listens to our customers throughout the Nimbra Network and scheduling life cycle. We make expert adaptations and improvements based on our market leading industry experience.

Nimbra Services

If it is the first time you are building or extending your Nimbra network, Net Insight Professional Services will help you implement with fast and flexible project management. Our extensive experience ensures a safe roll-out.

Service Modules

  • Network Design Detailed Engineering
  • Installation Supervision
  • Test and Validation
  • Go Live Assistance
  • Pre-configuration Nodes & Services
  • Project Management

Operations as a Service

Extend your support with a personalized service that helps you being proactive with your network.

  • Operational Engineer
  • Tactical Management
  • Strategic Workshop
  • Nimbra Vision as a Service

Improvement as a service

A network is never static and is constantly evolving. Use Net Insight Professional Services to make review and suggestions of your network based on best practices for improvements of your network.

  • Upgrade of Nodes
  • Annual Test and Validation Services
  • Network Health Check
  • Simulator as a Service

Occasional Events

Major events require the absolute best. Nothing can go wrong, by using the best engineers on the market with support of smart spare management:

  • Spare Parts Management
  • Event Service Management