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ScheduALL Circuit

A full-scale solution for the terrestrial network community, which allows you to find the best circuit route, for faster response and improved margins.

ScheduALL Circuit Selection™ provides tools to configure transmissions, manage occasional-use (OU) and bandwidth of complex inventories for terrestrial networks.

Circuit Selection delivers precision tools that make OU network circuits available for booking and reselling. Terrestrial network providers can instantly collaborate with partners to build transmission circuits quickly and completely, based on priorities such as cost, speed and reliability.

Network Bookings – network circuits can be booked manually or by auto-selecting the best circuit route. Point-to-multipoint transmissions, protected circuits and network availability are all displayed via a comprehensive graphical map.

Configuration – Circuit Selection allows users to configure path routing priorities from and to specific nodes, as well as their technical parameters. Planned increases or decreases of bookable network capacities are easily managed.


Control Room

The Operations Manager feature allows control room users to see current and upcoming booked circuits, and displays circuit status directly from the Chorus interface. Circuits can be rerouted upon conflict and visually mapped with clear status indicators of any network failures.


When coupled with ScheduALL Chorus™ interoperability platform, Circuit Selection improves overall operational efficiency by communicating with Nimbra Vision as well as other external third-party systems to automate the provisioning and switching of circuits.

Key Features

  • Quotes and planning
  • Supports booking Ethernet circuits
  • Custom client rate card
  • Contract-based pricing
  • Cost and purchase order tracking
  • Operations workflow
  • Trouble ticket management
  • Invoicing, billing, analysis reporting


Automated feed management, bandwidth utilization and accurate billing

Circuit Selection is the centerpiece of the groundbreaking ScheduALL end-to-end provisioning technology, that includes:

ScheduALL Connector
The rapidly growing ScheduALL Connector™ global community of broadcasters and network providers, buying and selling OU capacity in real-time.

ScheduALL Portal
The award-winning ScheduALL Portal™ that provides network customers a user-friendly web-based platform for booking services.

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