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Why Nimbra Edge?

Nimbra Edge, a cloud based media pipeline, enhances the capabilities of the already powerful Nimbra internet transport product line by providing customers with a robust, elastic media ingest, transport, and egress solution with an simplistic interface designed for the modern broadcaster.


Next Gen Networking

As content production and distribution is moving to the cloud, Nimbra Edge brings a cloud based media pipeline for professional workflows. By leveraging the power of hybrid infrastructure the network becomes intelligent; auto-scaling, resiliency, and on-demand capabilities per endpoint.

Business models for the 21st century

Tired of inflexible fixed channel prices or impossible-to-understand per-gig and compute pricing? So are we. That’s why we’ve designed a flexible, yet super-intuitive, business model that gives you predictability and manageability for your profitability.

Designed for openness

To ensure that you don’t have to leave any installation behind as you migrate to the cloud, Nimbra Edge is designed to be fundamentally open to support both our own protocol as well as the industry standards such as RIST, SRT, and Zixi.

Further, using our Edge connect containers you can integrate edge capabilities into any workflow. Just like you can use our open northbound APIs to integrate performance, provisioning, and scheduling capabilities with your current infrastructure.

Key Features

Hybrid deployment

Whether you want to deploy yourself for maximum control or leverage public cloud for quick deployment, the choice is yours.

Elastic media pipeline

With a containerized, cloud-native architecture content can be tailored for each unique endpoint, scale with load and a default redundant architecture.

Fundamentally open

With an open ingest protocol you can connect your existing infrastructure and deploy our client to start to receive video.

Simplicity at its core

Next gen networking typically ends there. With Nimbra Edge those properties extends from the bits and bytes of elastic, robust, and reliable transport, to the fine and yet subtle details that makes up our user interface.

Based on modern user experience practices, the Nimbra Edge management suite is designed for simplicity and usability. Whether your focus is video or network operations we’ve got you covered. Ranging from our Stream Manager interface, to the powerful management and troubleshooting workflows of our management apps.

And of course, it’s optimized for any screen to give you control even on the go


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