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Transforming traditional content production and delivery

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The media on-ramp to hybrid cloud infrastructure

Nimbra Edge is a hyper-scale media cloud platform built for you who want to reduce your network complexity and connect, manage and consume content easily anywhere. We have developed an ROI tool that simulates the benefits of Nimbra Edge. Click the button below to get your satellite savings calculation!

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Easy to connect

Ingest live feeds from any location or appliance, from any formats or protocols.

Reliable and elastic

Always stay in control of your content streaming. A reliable, elastic platform that delivers uninterrupted, high quality media over IP and cloud networks.

Real-time insights

Manage and monitor your content in real time via automatic workflows and without disruption with the intuitive and intelligent UI.  


Stay in control, pay only for the resources you need, when you need them and get peace of mind. 

Why choose Nimbra Edge?


Reduce costs by 70% compared to satellite costs


Connect from anywhere, any vendor platform, any formats, any protocols such as RIST, Zixi, SRT


Scale up and down the cloud infrastructure, or make use of the automated flows

Improved collaboration

Gain efficiency with an intuitive UI that delivers monitoring and analytics on feeds consumptions


Protect your streams with end-to-end encryption throughout your delivery as well as state of the art authentication, authorization and audit (ARQ, Hitless)

Expand anywhere

Nimbra Edge works with any cloud provider and can be deployed on prem or in the cloud

They trust us

Trusted by 500+ customers worldwide to reliably transport their content

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What you can do with Nimbra Edge

Nimbra Edge is about simplicity from implementation to application

Go beyond satellite 

Complement satellite distribution by offering increased flexibility and content quality over IP without changing the infrastructure.

Enhance live events

Supplement your live satellite feed with larger, richer and more targeted content in a cost efficient way.  Allow them to pick and tailor the right feeds for their TV production and distribution and better engage with their audience.

Corporate Broadcast 

 Get your talents highly engaged with high quality content. Produce, manage and ingest content between location and office more easily and keep the workflow with the existing remote production infrastructure.

Contribution and distribution 

Leverage the cloud infrastructure if you wish to scale in an elastic way, and monitor services end to end as well as end point monitoring.

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