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Why Nimbra and Aperi?

In a world where best-effort is the norm, we created the Nimbra portfolio to enable reliable long-distance media networking across any infrastructure. Giving you the peace of mind to focus on what really matters – your content and the creation of it. Turn on the system, walk away, and never look back. The Nimbra will be there to do the heavy lifting day after day, so you don’t have to.

Need media application flexibility to manage different events and network monetization? The same platform can handle your changing needs with simple remote reconfigurations.

Want to change video compression from JPEG2000 to H.264? Check.

Increase bandwidth for your data connections? Check.

Add hitless protection on the go? Check.

We know there’s plenty of media gear out there, and we’re proud for every customer who joins our family. The best part of it though? We know from experience they will be just as happy as we are.

Broadcast grade reliability

Using a mix of technologies that adapt to the underlying infrastructure, Nimbra provides lossless media transport over any type of infrastructure. From retransmission technologies that enable lossless broadcast quality transport over the public internet, to protection technologies like 1+1 and hitless that manages network outages without any impact on transported content.

For the most high-end content, these technologies can also be combined with our own enhanced switching technology that guarantees consistent latency and jitter characteristics at all times.

Elastic and adaptable

Designed from the ground up with scalability in mind, Nimbra makes it extremely simple to manage large scale networks no matter the underlying infrastructure. But also making it simple to set up new services, increase or reduce bandwidth on-demand, add new locations and services to existing networks, transform media in real-time, customize content delivery per service and end-point.

Open virtualized architecture

With a virtualized architecture the Nimbra platforms can be used for a wide range of functions, and a wide range of use cases. Choose your compression grade and protection per video feed on the same hardware. Transport both audio, video and data in one box. And hand over content to other systems using open and standardized interfaces.

Always timing-aware

With timing-awareness different video feeds can be aligned in time upon delivery, enabling synchronized playout for use cases such as remote production and primary distribution. Furthermore, IP based synchronization using PTP can be extended over wide area networks, enabling distributed production or remote production in locations not reachable by for example GPS.

Service & network Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of individual audio, video and data services in combination with monitoring of individual network links enables early detection of network degradation, making it possible to react before services are impacted. The same set of monitoring technologies applied for troubleshooting makes it easy to granularly pinpoint what faults and failures cause what service degradation.

Combining continuous monitoring and powerful troubleshooting capabilities increase service availability, by proactively avoiding downtime and drastically reducing time-to-restore after faults.

Trusted by Global Customers
across Many Industries

”The service type flexibility, elasticity as well as embedded security functions of the Nimbra platform is outstanding”

Trond Hermansen, CTO at NEP Switzerland

”Net Insight’s solution enables us to produce shows with the host in New York interviewing people in Sunnyvale and the seamless interactivity is amazing without noticeable latency.”

Gary Schneider, Manager Broadcast Systems Engineering at LinkedIn Corp.

“Net Insight’s solution reduces our operational costs significantly, while at the same time enabling us to maximize our service availability and reach to our overseas territories.”

Pascal Gerard, Broadcast director, French overseas territories, at France Télévisions

Media Functions

Lossless SD, HD, FHD and UHD JPEG 2000 encoding and decoding reduces bandwidth usage by 90% compared to uncompressed transport. Low latency for latency-critical applications, with audio and ancillary data transparency allowing compression to be used in any type of workflow. TR-01 compliance allows for interoperable IP content exchange and multi-vendor deployments.

World class quality-to-bandwidth ratio ensures highest quality level at lowest possible infrastructure cost. Industry leading density reduces power consumption and on-site footprint, enabling deployment in space and power constrained locations.

Compatible platforms: Nimbra 600

Production or distribution quality SD, HD and FHD MPEG AVC H.264 encoding and decoding delivers optimal image quality, reduced bandwidth usage and maximum workflow interoperability. 4:2:0 8-bit support and flexible parallel encoding and decoding capability in combination with industry-leading internet transport reliability.

ST 2022-2 compliance allows for IP interoperable content exchange and multi-vendor deployments. MPEG AVC is ideal for all bandwidth-efficient high-quality video workflows.

Compatible platforms: Nimbra 400, Nimbra VA 200

Cost-effective SD, HD and FHD MPEG HEVC H.265 compression using minimal network bandwidth. 4:2:0 8-bit support and flexible parallel encoding and decoding capability in combination with industry-leading internet transport reliability.

ST 2022-2 compliance allows for IP interoperable content exchange and multi-vendor deployments. MPEG HEVC is ideal for all bandwidth-efficient high-quality video workflows.

Compatible platforms: Nimbra 400, Nimbra VA 200

Highly flexible uncompressed IP media transport over any WAN with protection, integrated frame synchronization and optional SDI adaptation. Seamlessly migrate from optical or coaxial SDI to IP with pluggable ST 2022-6 and ST 2110 interfaces.

Deliver uncompressed SD, HD, and FHD formats together with the built-in frame synchronization for resilient large-scale live production workflows over any managed IP network.

Compatible platforms: Nimbra 300, Nimbra 600, Nimbra 1000

Advanced performance monitoring on every service and interface allows users to isolate complex end-to-end faults quickly and cost efficiently. Develop in-depth knowledge about real network traffic behaviors and build reliable performance data analysis allowing for clear network optimization and planning improvements.

Management views of SLA compliance monitoring graphically show per-service and per-interface performance monitoring data for every video, audio and data flow at a glance. Combine integrated video monitoring according to TR 101 290 with detailed network layer statistics for a complete fault and performance picture.

Compatible platforms: Nimbra 400, Nimbra 600, Nimbra 1000, Nimbra 300, Nimbra VA 200, Nimbra Edge

Knowing that video is being delivered is key for a great video service. But counters and statistics is one thing, visual representation of video services is simpler to interpret, resulting in faster detection of issues and monitoring that is available to any type of user. The Nimbra visual confidence monitoring can be used both locally and remote, on any feed in your network. Leverage pin point accuracy and apply it to baseband, AVC or HEVC to see the video where it really matters.

Combine visual confidence monitoring with historical analysis and triggers based on other monitoring tools such as TR 101 290 to make sure you’re always on top of your media services.

Compatible platforms: Nimbra 400, Nimbra 200, Nimbra Edge

Highly flexible ST 2022 media adaption, transport and protection. Seamlessly migrate from both ASI and SDI to IP while maintaining perfect service separation and secure services across the network.

Transport and interconnect with interoperable ST 2022-6 uncompressed or ST 2022-2 compressed flows. Integrated ST 2022-2 compliant MPEG HEVC and AVC as well as JPEG 2000 compression can be combined with ST 2022-1 FEC and ST 2022-7 hitless 1+1 protection features.

Compatible platforms: Nimbra 400, Nimbra 600, Nimbra 1000, Nimbra VA 200, Nimbra Edge

Standards-compliant ST 2110 interfaces for connecting to any standards-compliant external source or receiver such as cameras and mixers. Supports ST 2110-10, -20, -21, -30, -31 video and audio essence streams and timing, as well as NMOS IS-04 and IS-05 for discovery and registration as well as automated connectivity setups. Integrated PTP client support for correct time stamping of egress ST 2110 essence flows.

Innovative capability to transparently transport PTP-based synchronization information over wide area networks, enabling extension of in-studio timing domains across long distances for any type of PTP-synchronized equipment.

Compatible platforms: Nimbra 600, Nimbra 1000

Absolute phase and time distribution for synchronization of services over IP WAN. Nimbra provides a unique and innovative synchronous overlay on top of asynchronous IP networks in order to support PTP for AES67 and ST 2110 over wide area networks and over long distances. Transparent transport of PTP-based synchronization over wide area networks enables in-studio timing of remote PTP based Audio/Video equipment.

With 1PPS/10MHz ports the Nimbra also provide secure, jamming-free and spoofing-free “GPS timing” over wide area networks. Enabling reliable timing transport for a multitude of mission critical Single Frequency DTT distribution networks.

Compatible platforms: Nimbra 300, Nimbra 600

Studio quality transport of native video services, FHD/HD/SD-SDI and ASI over any managed infrastructure, IP or optical. Feature rich options such as built-in 4K support and frame synchronizer with multi-stream alignment support flexible monitor/loopback functionality, format auto-sense and more. Native SDI based services can either be transported uncompressed, or compressed using JPEG2000, H.264 or H.265.

For network distribution the services are supported by infrastructure agnostic QoS multicast and several levels of protection, from Standby 1+1 to Seamless and Hitless 1+1 protection.

Compatible platforms: Nimbra 400, Nimbra 300, Nimbra 600, Nimbra VA 200

Transport of native AES/EBU in WAN channels with guaranteed bandwidth and quality, as well as preservation of status and signaling bits. Support for all sample rates 32/48/96/192/44.1/88.2/176.4 kHz, as well as Dolby® E and Dolby® Digital.

Full MADI support for transport of up to 64 AES/EBU channels. Synchronized with e.g. mixer table enabling fully remote workflows. 1+1 protection and performance monitoring. With no PTP dependency it enables use as a WAN GW for audio.

E1/T1/E3/DS3/OC3/STM1 transport enables support for legacy services for audio and video as well as for broadcast radio distribution.

Compatible platforms: Nimbra 300, Nimbra 600

Use Multi Stream Alignment to simplify the operational setup of any remote production, including support for live high-speed camera workflows. Integrated frame store allows for dozens of studio quality signals to be frame synchronized even after transport over a wide area IP network.

Combine Multi Stream Alignment with diverse path Hitless 1+1 protection to deliver a robust live remote production or remote sports replay application.

Compatible platforms: Nimbra 600

Super high quality ethernet connectivity for demanding professional media applications such as extending IP-based video production environments over WAN, as well as mission critical data services. Range of protection options, including hitless, ensures glitch free data services. Designed to seamlessly co-exists with audio and video services with service isolation for simple multiservice deployments.

Standard ethernet QoS features for prioritization, VLAN tagging for traffic separation and automated end-to-end bandwidth reservation. Standard ethernet Service OAM for LB (loop back) and LT (link trace) support, and token bucket bandwidth policer for granular ingress admission control. Delivers MEF certifiable E-Line point-to-point services as well as E-Tree and E-LAN multi-point services using standard ethernet switching.

Compatible platforms: Nimbra 300, Nimbra 600, Nimbra 1000

Hitless protection for guaranteed broadcast quality transport at all times. Handles network faults, failures and glitches with zero service impact. Standardized ST 2022-7 for hitless protection of video services over multiple network links and paths, as well as innovative and unique application of hitless protection for ethernet and IP data services.

Adaptive link protection with bonding technology enables high-end transport over public infrastructure or the internet, seamlessly using multiple internet connections from different internet service providers for maximum protection.

Compatible platforms: Nimbra 400, Nimbra VA 200, Nimbra 300, Nimbra 600, Nimbra 1000

Adaptive Source Protection (ASP) enables seamless switching between any standard ST 2022-2 video feed. By augmenting service specific protection mechanisms, such as hitless and seamless protection, ASP enables any feed to act as backup for another. This means that multiple sources can be combined and even prioritized for a single output.

Automatic revertive functionality means the stream can also switch back whenever a higher priority source becomes available, making sure that the best possible service is always delivered end-to-end.

Compatible platforms: Nimbra 400, Nimbra VA 200

Network Functions

Network Functions

RIST, the new standard for internet media delivery, enables secure, reliable and interoperable delivery of any real-time critical IP traffic, such as ST 2022-2 over any infrastructure. Streams are protected end-to-end with a configurable and consistent end-to-end latency. Based on Video Services Forums technical recommendation TR-06, RIST enables interoperability between vendors, broadcasters and service providers including AWS Media Services.

With open-source implementations already available in popular tools such as Gstreamer and VLC, RIST provides great possibilities both for remote troubleshooting and integration into any live media workflow.

Compatible platforms: Nimbra VA 200

SRT is an open source technology stack for reliable delivery of real-time IP video of lossy infrastructures. Backed by the SRT Alliance, Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) enables access to a large ecosystem of compatible equipment and cloud services. Being the default choice to uplink content to Microsoft’s Azure media services, SRT provides a simple and secure way to effectively move production resources to the cloud.

As an open-source implementation, SRT exists in a range of popular tools such as Gstreamer, VLC and ffmpeg simplifying troubleshooting and improving flexibility.

Compatible platforms: Nimbra VA 200

Zixi Compliance enables access to one of the largest ecosystems within internet media transport, including everything from encoder and camera manufacturers to the widely popular AWS Media Services.

Zixi enables secure and reliable transport of ST 2022-2 compatible video feeds between any Zixi compatible senders, receivers or Zixi’s own cloud services and supports a wide range of protection mechanisms ranging from bonding to active/standby solutions.

Compatible platforms: Nimbra VA 200

Innovative tunneling technology for transporting high value media content over IP-based wide area network infrastructure with consistent and guaranteed network characteristics

Enables software-defined networking over any type of IP infrastructure, with automated provisioningautomated bandwidth guarantees and always-on monitoring for both individual links and services. Supports any network topology, from point-to-point to rings and mesh, effectively adapting to the infrastructure to meet any availability requirement. Furthermore, it adds infrastructure agnostic multicast, allowing multicast video over standard IP unicast links.

Compatible platforms: Nimbra 300, Nimbra 600, Nimbra 1000

Powerful continuous monitoring of each network link enables early detection of network degradations that most other solutions would not even notice. Such early warnings make it possible to react before degradations translate into large scale service impacts, helping you avoid downtime and costly outages.

This makes it simple to granularly pinpoint what faults and failures cause what service degradation, drastically reducing time-to-restore if faults do occur.

Compatible platforms: Nimbra 300, Nimbra 600, Nimbra 1000, Nimbra VA 200

Powerful and flexible firewall protecting incoming, outgoing and passthrough traffic, enabling secure operations and protecting from threats in both public and private IP networks.

Based on the well-known concept of profiles and zones, any interface (logical or physical) is attached to a zone whereas profiles are applied to traffic between zones or the host itself. Industry standard approach to setup simplifies configuration and minimizes the risk for human errors. By enabling granular control, traffic can be clearly separated based on its destination, for example separation of traffic destined for video and operations networks.

Compatible platforms: Nimbra VA 200

End-to-end encryption of video & data traffic across any infrastructure prevents content theft and man-in-the-middle attack enabling transport of high value content over shared or even public infrastructure like the internet.

Through integration of powerful and standardized AES 128/256 encryption mechanisms, content is securely transported anywhere, without the risk of tampering or unauthorized snooping. Support for DTLS enabled a secure key exchange of keys using trust-based methods such as certificates or simple pre-shared keys.

Compatible platforms: Nimbra VA 200

Management VPNs extend the central management domain across any IP based infrastructure by using a management overlay solution. As management traffic (e.g. SNMP) is generally discarded by internet routers, the Management VPN enables an end-to-end overlay to enable remote monitoring and control of Nimbra devices over public infrastructure.

This also enables the device to be further hardened, by locking down external interfaces to authorized video services only. Enabling remote site access for both the Nimbra device itself, and any other devices onsite through the dedicated management VPN.

Compatible platforms: Nimbra VA 200

Services are routed automatically and dynamically through the network based on current network and infrastructure conditions, making large scale Nimbra networks extremely easy to manage. Independently of the underlying infrastructure technology, Nimbra-to-Nimbra IP tunnels are established automatically, providing native self-healing capabilities to minimize service impact in case of infrastructure failure.

Innovative lossless routing in ingress, egress and intermediate Nimbra nodes ensures consistent and guaranteed network characteristics no matter the number of network hops between ingress and egress.

Compatible platforms: Nimbra 300, 600, 1000

Automatic reservation of capacity throughout the network, paired with ingress bandwidth policing, ensures that no links are ever oversubscribed, and eliminates service starvation. Applied to all service types and all ports, this enables multi-tenant deployments where equipment and links are shared between multiple users.

Automated bandwidth guarantees are natively supported by the Nimbra, making it is easy to guarantee WAN service performance and ensures fool-proof protection against both misconfiguration of external media sources and human error.

Compatible platforms: Nimbra 300, Nimbra 600, Nimbra 1000


Combining native video, audio and high quality ethernet transport with switching, the Nimbra 300 provides a high-quality multiservice solution for demanding media applications. Multi-service capabilities allow you to transport live and file-based content across the same network, and with native support for DTT (ATSC 3.0, DVB-T2, ISDB-T) transport, Broadcast Radio distribution and video contribution the Nimbra 300 series gives you all the flexibility you need.

With support for service admission control and guaranteed bandwidth, performance and characteristics different services can safely be mixed no matter the network load. With hitless 1+1 protection of media and data services you can be sure that the expected service quality will always be delivered.

Designed from the ground up for high-quality media transport the Nimbra 600 is a highly reliable video and audio processing, monitoring, and IP transmission platform. Support for any underlying network, including IP, wavelength systems and dark fiber, means you are never limited by existing infrastructure.

Available in ultra-compact and high density chassis options, the modern modular design leverages multi-purpose media acceleration, media processing modules and IP networking modules to allow each node to be tailored to individual deployment needs. Redundant switches, redundant node controllers and redundant power supplies ensure high availability.

Configure the Nimbra 600 either as a compact multi-function media access solution or as a powerful edge processing and acceleration access to complement the Nimbra 1000.

Next generation WAN transport-platform designed for all-IP services and all-IP networks, guaranteeing quality for the most demanding live media events while providing agility through automated real-time provisioning. Scaling both switching and link capacities to levels unprecedented in the media WAN space, enabling event sites, stadiums, studios, and production sites to be interconnected using a total of 1,2 Tbps of guaranteed capacity in just a compact 3RU modular form factor.

Future proof building practice with fully flexible cooling and power configurations allow deployment in any modern service provider, broadcaster or data center environment. Designed with a virtualization architecture, using one common hardware platform for all media and network functions, enabling flexible deployment of functions anywhere in the network. Modular and redundant, with hot swappable and protected components guarantees uptime and reliability.

Next generation of media transport designed for ultimate reliability, flexibility and versatility. Nimbra Edge is a fully cloud-based media transport solution designed for private or public cloud environments.

Nimbra Edge augments existing Nimbra devices by drastically simplifying the network architecture through offloading complexity such as redundancy and scalability to its cloud-based backend. With its open approach to networking, Nimbra Edge connects to any media device supporting RIST, SRT, Zixi or Net Insights Edge connect software. The latter designed to cloud-enable any third-party device or workflow.

With its swiss-army-knife approach, the Nimbra 400 family is the very definition of versatility. Engineered for the harsh realities of the internet, the Nimbra 400 family supports a wide range of video and transport technologies. The combination of native support for both AVC and HEVC encoding/decoding, compressed video over IP and ASI and an open and flexible approach to IP networking in a super-efficient 1 RU form factor makes the Nimbra 400 family a perfect companion for space constrained remote sites and flight kits. With native support for RIST, SRT, Zixi and our own Edge Connect software means you can get your content anywhere. The integrated encryption and firewall paired with transport of any remote management traffic and comms also minimizes the need for third party equipment on site.

Paired with its standalone software counterpart, the Virtual Nimbra, means there are solutions ranging from highly redundant appliances for flight-kit and racks, to flexible software for datacenters and public cloud providers.

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Aperi is an innovative product portfolio of live IP Media Function Virtualization (MFV) solutions for the broadcast industry. The open and standards-based solutions bring data center robustness, agility and economics to the most mission-critical live sports, entertainment and news program productions in the world. Aperi’s product portfolio was acquired in 2020 by Net Insight.

Nimbra 140

Modular optical/electrical conversion toolbox supporting the studio/media LAN workflow. With modules for OE-conversion and re-clocking of SDI/ASI signals, ethernet transport, audio embedding, genlock and more, as well as CWDM muxes and demuxes.

The same modules can be used in either a compact 1 RU chassis for 6 modules or in a larger 3 RU chassis for 15 modules. Both chassis have redundant power supply and optional node controller with monitoring capabilities.

Nimbra ES 230

Compact and easy-to-manage carrier ethernet switch for data transport. Rich carrier ethernet capabilities makes it the perfect solution to expand the reach of your carrier ethernet services. Advanced service and performance monitoring tools helps you ensure the service quality you’ve come to expect from Nimbra products, and full integration with the rest of the portfolio means simpler operations.

Fan-less with low power consumption, the Nimbra ES 230 provides silent and green operations with carrier class reliability, resulting in low operational costs.

Virtual Nimbra VA

The Virtual Nimbra VA is the very definition of flexibility. Available as a fully flexible docker container, the Virtual Nimbra VA supports all the same carrier grade functionality as the Nimbra 400 series, but in a format that makes instantiation and deployment a breeze.

Built for the modern broadcaster, the Virtual Nimbra VA overcomes the constraints of dedicated hardware and provides a compelling media networking package for datacenter and cloud environments, in a package that enables seamless orchestration with your workflow and cost base that scales with your revenue.

Built for the professional broadcaster, the Nimbra VA 200 family improves the transport properties of any network infrastructure to the point where it is suitable for professional media contribution.

Available in a range of flavors, from cloud friendly container software to integrated appliances, the Nimbra VA 200 family boost an impressive feature set ranging from an open network stack supporting both RIST, SRT and Zixi, to native encoding and decoding in both AVC and HEVC formats. Starting with the transport-focused Nimbra VA 210 and extending to the Nimbra VA 225 with its flexible 4-channel SDI/ASI capabilities, there is a solution for every application.

Despite its compact 1RU form factor, the Nimbra VA 200 family contains everything that is required for space constrained remote sites with an integrated firewall, advanced remote management capabilities, and automatic fall back to local sources in case of severe network outages.

Aperi Product Portfolio

Aperi is an innovative product portfolio of live IP Media Function Virtualization (MFV) solutions for the broadcast industry. The open and standards-based solutions bring data center robustness, agility and economics to the most mission-critical live sports, entertainment and news program productions in the world. Aperi’s product portfolio was acquired in 2020 by Net Insight.

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Management & Orchestration

Service centric orchestration and network management software that automates network operations and control as well as visualizes network performance through dashboards and reports.

Through pre-defined templates for automatic provisioning, automated inventory and both per-service and aggregated service monitoring, Nimbra vision ensures efficiency and control. Nimbra Vision helps you to plan, upgrade, and evaluate your network capacity and performance in order to deliver world class video services over any infrastructure. With a high availability architecture, all your network management capabilities are available at all times.

Built for production staff, the Nimbra Edge Stream Manager centers around the content selection process. Created based on modern user experience design and a simple video routing concept, Stream Manager lets affiliates easily find and select live content for immediate downlink swiftly, all through a simple web application.

Based on a simple concept of inputs and outputs, coupled with real-time thumbnails, locating and moving your content has never been easier. Drag & drop inputs to outputs, visualize stream health at a glance, the Stream Manager lets you do all this and more.

With support for central user management using RADIUS and LDAP, Nimbra simplifies user management and control across corporate environments.

Further, it ensures that tampering with mission critical infrastructure is prevented, and both logging and authentication of users across the network and sites is controlled. Providing enhanced security and manageability of larger networksthrough time-based roles for events where freelancers are often used.

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