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Produce quality content from anywhere

With Net Insight’s market-leading technologies, any event can be produced from your desktop as if you were on-site. We help optimizing workflows to operate more efficiently than ever before.

Thanks to our innovation in media transport, customers can benefit from streamlined processes and completely reliability – allowing them to focus firmly on their main priority: producing memorable LIVE experiences for viewers.


Top 3 challenges we can help you solve

How to create better LIVE experiences

Optimized workflows to operate more efficiently from anywhere and have streamlined processes and reliability to focus on producing memorable LIVE experiences for viewers.

How to maximize revenue on existing production infrastructure

Increase your utilization of your production resources frequently and streamline your workflows across your organization. Combine different customer needs efficiently by reusing equipment, facilities, and personnel. You want to harness the capabilities of modern, highly connected infrastructures to save your organization time and money, freeing up the capacity to work on other projects.

How to secure multi-customer work-flow efficiency

Production in IP networks allows for streamlined workflows. However, managing multiple customers in that environment is challenging since you must secure quality content and integrity for all of them.

Furthermore, your broadcast technicians must be able to manage the IP infrastructure easily. The situation will vary depending on location and its available connectivity. Whether using 10G high-quality links or unreliable internet, you should maintain your production workflow similarly.


One size does not fit all – what do you work with?

We offer IP-based media solutions based on network needs, from production to contribution. Depending on the event-site requirement, you can implement the transport solution over your high-quality managed infrastructure or cloud & internet.

Production networks

Whatever your approach to production – cloud, remote or hybrid – you will need robust, high-quality media transport. Net Insight can provide a seamless experience for your production team. However, it operates over any network.

We have solutions for all your encoding needs: including JPEG XS, J2K, HEVC and MPEG 4. We make it possible to use the same platforms and change your application when needed.

Net Insight also makes it possible to transport multiple aligned feeds, add audio, and achieve flexible control for your production. With our technologies, there are no obstacles to creating a consistent workflow experience for the director, while effective collaboration across countries and continents is easily achievable.

Net Insight, can support your production needs in both managed networks and cloud.

Contribution networks

Whatever The biggest global sports events in the world rely on Net Insight solutions for live contribution. We guarantee the world’s most efficient and reliable media transportation, leaving you to focus on the actual production of content.

You can help your customers to modernize content delivery while ensuring the greatest possible reliability. Our solutions guarantee secure and robust delivery for new IP formats such as ST-2110 and ST 2022-6. We can also ensure optimized usage of your SDI-based infrastructure as you migrate to IP.

Extend your services by providing your customers with flexible cloud contributions directly from production to right-holders.

Depending on your available network capacity, you will require different solutions. Net Insight accommodates the diversity of requirements by providing solutions that optimize delivery based on the available network and infrastructural capabilities.


Seamless video production between New York and California

LinkedIn Corp

LinkedIn wanted to build a media network to support development of major new initiative LinkedIn Live. The aim was to use real-time streaming between its New York venue and control rooms on the West Coast. This would enable the company to produce content for sales and marketing, internal corporate communications, and other ventures. Ideally, camera feeds are transported efficiently between studios and a central production facility in different geographical locations.

“My vision was to achieve seamless production across multiple studios around the world all unified through a central control room. This is exactly what we are building.”


Manager, Broadcast Systems Engineering & Content Technology Engineering, LinkedIn Media Productions

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