Nimbra Edge - Elastic Cloud-based Live Media Transport
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Scheduling solutions for media and broadcast

We provide unmatched control of your business workflow by fully integrating with your media systems.


Our unique approach to intelligent resource management enables you to spend less time focusing on operational details and more on business planning and growing revenue.

  • Real-time conflict management
  • Flexible rate cards for pricing and costs
  • Project management
  • Customizable forms
  • Digital and physical asset management
  • Fully integrated accounting tools
  • Event-based alerts and notifications

Get total control

Maximize your resources and facilities 

ScheduALL interfaces with accounting, human resource and ERP systems, creating a 360-degree cost control that increases business efficiencies. ScheduALL has an intuitive user interface and flexible design, saving administrators time and effort.

The ability to quickly navigate the process-driven workflow reduces unnecessary duplication of basic tasks. ScheduALL enables groups of users to manage operations as a central system.

User-centricity and interoperability are key reasons why the leading media and broadcast businesses continue to choose ScheduALL to manage their mission-critical operations.


We believe in simplifying the orchestration of every process. ScheduALL offers a highly scalable suite of products and services to help you tailor our product to your business environment. See our Operational, Financial and Transmission Modules.


Key Features


Manage, schedule and coordinate your facilities, equipment, people, asset libraries, and projects.


Optimize and manage transmission resources of satellite and terrestrial networks, television broadcasters, cable networks, mobile uplink providers, and news organizations.


Optimize profitability, and obtain full visibility of costs and margins across the entire workflow process.

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