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ScheduALL Smart Time

A comprehensive way to view, update and actualize time

ScheduALL Smart Time™ is a user-friendly browser-based interface that further augments the rich ScheduALL® personnel management functionality.

Smart Time provides a single comprehensive location that allows employees to view their schedules, update and actualize their time spent on work orders, activities and events, and to add additional information regarding those activities such as comments, cost codes, status, etc.

More than a Time Card

Smart Time manages the time approval process, allowing employees to submit their time for approval, and have their supervisors approve or disallow those submissions. Smart Time also simplifies the payroll process, providing the ability to export designated time entries into payroll systems.

Employees can access their own daily/weekly assignments to quickly review and approve them. If there are modifications outside of the schedule, employees can make the adjustments and add additional details.

Time Submissions

Users responsible for submitting their time do so from the convenience of their web browser using an easy-to-use, calendar-based interface.

Users can see and submit an entire week at a time, and can also drill down day-by-day to process exceptions, actualize time and provide notes and details.

Manager Tools

Managers can see submissions at-a-glance for all of the users reporting to them with any exceptions highlighted, and can drill down to examine all submission details. and your customers.

Fast-track approval/rejection tools allow for rapid processing of employees, whether individually, day-at-a-time or week-at-a-time.


  • Browser-based, efficient interface
  • Weekly at-a-glance and focused daily views
  • Single inclusive location for all time management needs
  • Integrates with third party payroll systems
  • Ensures data generated by the schedules are accurate

Product Sheet

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