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ScheduALL Portal

Simplify your customer’s ability to make bookings

The award-winning ScheduALL Portal™ provides your customers a simple way to book services, resources and Occasional Use (OU) transmission feeds online in real-time, directly into your ScheduALL® system. Self-provisioned booking is now as easy as buying an airline ticket online; we have eliminated tedious emails, phone calls, and spreadsheets from the booking process.

Portal simplifies the complicated process of booking available facilities, personnel, and other available services (such as OU transmission feeds), by allowing customers to book packaged services or individual resources through your ScheduALL system.


Your customers can book services, facilities, transmission feeds and other available resources on your ScheduALL system through the ScheduALL Portal online platform.


You can use Portal to track, manage, and bill all of the customer bookings as they occur. This cutting-edge self-provisioning system streamlines the booking process for you and your customers.


Portal is a user-friendly online platform for providing services to your customers while minimizing your “spoilage” or unused capacity by enabling you to easily sell it online. Your customers benefit from a simplified process that non-expert operators can use, while all of the power of ScheduALL works silently behind the scenes to make complex decisions about scheduling, capacity management, and conflict resolutions.

Real-time access to your full inventory prevents duplicate bookings and scheduling conflicts. This forward-facing revenue producer manages your unused resource sales process and automatically integrates online bookings into your ScheduALL financial management system.


The browser interface uses straightforward interview-style questions to establish your customer’s requirements based on the type of service or resource they select. Portal then provides them with booking and pricing options that fit their needs. In the event that options chosen are unavailable, Portal can automatically offer a range of alternatives.


Portal heightens booking efficiency and automate the entire end-to-end booking process. After your customers create bookings with Portal, where appropriate the ScheduALL Chorus™ interoperability platform automatically triggers communication with third-party systems to drive routers, build transmission circuits, and deliver data to content movers. This allows for “schedule-once” efficiency, automating the entire end-to-end process from booking to completion.


  • Web-based self-provisioned bookings into your ScheduALL system
  • Real-time access to all inventory including facilities and personnel
  • Straightforward, interview-style questions
  • Seamless integration with third-party systems through ScheduALL Chorus™

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