Nimbra Edge - Elastic Cloud-based Live Media Transport
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ScheduALL Modules

People, projects, transmission, billing and reporting

We are experts at empowering the media and transmission industries


We believe in simplifying the orchestration of every process. Net Insight offers a highly scalable suite of optional modules to help you tailor our product to your business environment.

Highly Customizable

Personnel Manager

Manage people more productively and lower expenses by alerting users to key parameters such as freelance crew availability, employee conflicts, union rules and overtime situations.

Smart Time

Manage the time submission and approval process for employees and freelancers, and simplify the overall payroll process.

Labor Manager

Manage the complexities of personnel work rules mandated by union agreements and/or local labour regulations and legislation.

Billing and Receivables

Streamline the generation of invoices and client statements from scheduled events to invoice, significantly reducing ageing and the speed of the collections process.

Contract Manager

Build highly flexible client contracts for special event pricing, client-specific deals and date-specific incentives.

External Costs Manager

Perform real-time cost accounting by tracking all external costs and expenses associated with resources you do not own including suppliers, freelancers, rentals and catering.


Interact using industry standard protocols like SOAP and XML, to build transmission circuits, drive routers, ingest content into MAMs and DAMs, talk to financial systems, deliver data to content movers, position antennas in satellite farms, etc.

Media Manager

Track assets, manage sources, create pull lists, manage locations, monitor and update metadata and create custom media labels.

Production Workflow Manager

Manage overall timelines for productions and allow the supervisor to divide a production into broad types of activities, such as materials review, quality control, ingest and editing.

Trouble Ticket

Track performance problems like transmission outages, equipment failures and personnel issues.


Track shipping addresses, establish shipping services and process shipping parcels.


Streamline operations using barcode scanners to quickly check equipment in and out and real-time inventory data access from any location.

Adaptive Framework

Extensively customize all ScheduALL dialog screens, toolbars and menus with drag and drop functionality and no coding, and create language variations for screens and menus.

Project Manager

Easily group individual bookings and work orders into clearly identified projects to improve organization and enhance reporting and billing capabilities.


Schedule and monitor duplication orders as stand-alone or as part of an existing work order. Effectively manage stock equipment availability and project billing from a central location.

Circuit Selection

Efficient utilization of your fiber transport network using our multi-faceted algorithm which determines ideal routing of occasional, recurring and fulltime feeds with various path protection modes.

Operations Manager

Ensure continual event awareness and onscreen alerts in the fast-paced, task-loaded environment of MCRs, tape rooms, central casting hubs, TOCs, NOCs or SOCs.


Unite ScheduALL systems across enterprises and business partners, and get real-time access to your inventory. Built in capability to connect with your partners and clients, and expanded resource pool ensures best fit for the job at hand.

Antenna Matrix

Validate the technical parameters of each antenna/ satellite combination being booked, account for the antenna’s capabilities, port configuration, current and future positions and move time.


Maximize bandwidth utilization and integration, from expansive HD feeds to highly compressed digital satellite news feeds with a visual bandwidth calendar.


Simplify your customer’s ability to make bookings. Streamlines workflow, eliminates phone/email/fax, gives real-time access and pricing, and reduces errors and duplicate entries.

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