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Nimbra Vision

Service centric orchestration and network management software that simplifies network operations.

Developed with focus on user experience and with a service centric perspective Nimbra Vision makes network operations simple and efficient. Providing end-to-end service orchestration means network operators get a complete picture of the network and service health and performance.

Ensuring network performance and service quality

When transporting live, interactive and on-demand media content the service quality is key. With Nimbra Vision you manage your network performance with a wide range of performance monitoring tools offering real-time and continuous measurements per service. For traffic planning and Service Level Agreement (SLA) follow-up there are detailed service statistics reports, and to get notified of performance degradations KPI alarms can be configured.

Designed with focus on operational simplicity

Operational simplicity is all about provisioning, monitoring and troubleshooting with the least possible effort. Reduced effort means reduced cost, but more importantly it means reduced provisioning time and service down time. Something that leads to more billable service hours.

Simplicity is achieved by using a network management system designed with strong emphasis on user experience. Automatic recognition of network devices and modules, alarm search and filtering, network wide software upgrades and map based overviews are examples of Nimbra Vision functionality available to simplify your network operations.

Highly available

Being the network operators interface to your network, and all its services, the availability of a network management system is crucial. Nimbra Vision utilizes a client/server architecture with redundant and distributed servers, support for multiple front-ends and redundant management paths to the network elements.

This means you can trust that your network management system can always reach your network to provision and monitor services.

Key features

Performance monitoring

Real-time measurements, service statistics, reports and KPI alarms helps you manage network and service performance.

Automatic inventory

Automatic recognition of network devices, modules and capabilities all help simplify the introduction of new nodes.

Redundant design

Redundant servers, multiple front-ends and redundant management paths ensure that your network is always accessible.


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