Nimbra Edge - Elastic Cloud-based Live Media Transport
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Nimbra Vision

Service centric orchestration and network management software that simplifies network operations.

Nimbra Vision is optimized for service centric orchestration and the ability to monitor end to end services and networks. Through offering pre-defined templates for automatic provisioning and control, Nimbra Vision ensures efficiency and cost control when delivering quality video services over any infrastructure.

Managing network performance and service quality

For media services quality is key, either when transporting live, interactive, or on-demand content. Nimbra Vision offers executive dashboards and reporting functionality enabling real-time visibility and control over performance of individual services as well as a network overview.

Together with real time alarms, traffic planning and SLA monitoring is simplified in order to ensure quick responses to performance degradation and hence ensuring that the individual services are not impacted.

Designed for operational simplicity

Automation and service provisioning through API as well as a modern UX creates operational simplicity, which ensures that provisioning, monitoring, and troubleshooting is both efficient as well as reducing the risk for human errors. Leading to reduced service downtime and increased revenues through higher utilization of the underlying infrastructure.

Automatic recognition of network devices and modules, alarms, multi-search and filtering, network wide software upgrades and map based overviews are examples of Nimbra Vision functionality available to simplify your network operations.

High reliability and availability

Running an efficient operations of your network requires a redundant, reliable, and highly available management control system. Nimbra Vision architecture is built on a modern architecture ensuring redundancy, security, and high availability thus ensuring that you always have access to the network control.

Thus, you can trust Nimbra Vision to be available through either API integrations or human interaction in order to provision, monitor, or update your services in real time across your network.

Key features

Performance Monitoring

Real-time measurements, service statistics, reports through executive dashboards, and KPI alarms helps you manage network and service performance.

Automatic inventory

Automatic recognition and provisioning of devices, modules and capabilities to simplify operations and reduce complexity

Redundant design

Based on a modern architecture with redundant infrastructure and a web based front-end ensures that your Nimbra Vision is always accessible.


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