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Virtual Nimbra VA

The virtual video appliance is here.
The solution for your transition to hybrid cloud.


Virtual Nimbra VA is a state of the art video transport solution. It uses Internet for transport, helping you avoid problems like high costs, limited availability and long lease times, associated with expensive satellite contribution links. The Virtual Nimbra VA enables seamless migration of live workflows to hybrid cloud. It comes with a pay-as-you-go price model that enables you to keeps operational costs in balance with market demand.


Connect to Cloud

The Virtual Nimbra VA allows easy migration of live workflows to the cloud so that you can fully benefit from automated and elastic services, providing a more dynamic service offering in all steps of the service chain – from ingest to playout without compromising quality and integrity.


Pay as you go!

The Virtual Nimbra VA comes with a subscription-based payment model that provides increased flexibility and further reduces the threshold for launching new services.


Designed for video, engineered for the Internet

Transport your live media to the cloud using internet as transport. Leveraging world class retransmission technology, paired with seamless and adaptive protection mechanisms, the Virtual Nimbra VA enables you to extend your business to hybrid cloud globally. With powerful features such as an integrated firewall, advanced video monitoring using TR 101 290, and extremely versatile connectivity options, the Virtual Nimbra VA is your ideal partner for the cloud or high density sites where rack space constraints may be challenging.

Together with Nimbra Vision, you have the perfect combination of rock solid performance, and the tools to know exactly how your network is performing. Day after day, year after year.


Customer Provisioned and Software Defined

Allowing customers, applications and workflows to provision and monitor network services them selves provides a level of flexibility never experienced before. Customers provisioning their own services through an online self-service portal increases network usage and reduces provisioning effort and cost to zero. Having live and file-based workflows automatically request transport capacity where and when needed finally enables true media workflow agility.

Key Features

Simple & Secure

Connect anywhere.
Fully loaded with Internet technology makes your media transport both simple & secure.

Know Your Network

Leverage off-the-shelf north bound integration for powerful performance monitoring and secure your critical SLAs.

The Content Enabler

Backup your existing links, or replace them altogether. Leverage Internet transport as a cost-effective alternative to satellite and leased lines.



Internet Transport: Advanced Error Protected Transport (UDP/IP), Bonding, Adaptive Link Protection
Ingress & Egress Handoff: TSoIP (UDP/IP) Unicast & Multicast with optional FEC (SMPTE 2022-1)
Security: Embedded Firewall, Remote VPN capabilities, Video Encryption

Performance Monitoring

Video: ETR 290, TR-101 290 Priority 1 & Priority 2, Transport Stream information for PAT, PMT, PCR, NULL Packets, Video and Audio stream details
IP & Ethernet: Packet counters, loss, delay, delay variation


Protocols: SNMP (v1/v2c/v3)
Element Manager: Graphical Web UI
NMS Support: Nimbra Vision for alarms, provisioning & performance, Touch & Switch for rapid service activation, Customer Provisioned Networks for powerful scheduling & booking

Recommended System Requirements

2 CPU cores
2 GB RAM Memory
5 GB Disk space

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