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Nimbra SDN controller

Service centric network control enables automation and self-service provisioning

Through network programmability the Nimbra SDN controller enables provisioning and monitoring of services from customer portals and other applications, increasing network utilization and reducing the cost of service provisioning to zero. Providing end-to-end service orchestration means applications get a complete picture of the provisioned service’s health and performance.


Allowing customers to provision their own services through self-service portals increases network utilization and reduces service provisioning costs. Having applications and workflows automatically requesting network connectivity where and when needed enables true workflow automation.

A software defined network that is programmable from external applications, such as customer portals, is the foundation needed to make this happen.

The Nimbra SDN Controller provides a set of well-defined application programming interfaces (APIs), opening up the network for provisioning and monitoring from any type of north-bound application.

Enabling pay-per-minute services

New flexible service offerings and price models are key to meet the demands of future media production and broadcasting.

With support for on-demand services and a pre-integrated billing and pricing engine, service providers get an off-the-shelf solution to provide pay-per-minute services.

Automating the entire book-to-bill process means service providers start generating revenue for new services immediately, and reduce their cost of network operations.

Enabling media workflow integration

Network connectivity is a key part of any modern media production workflow. A network controller that integrates with workflow orchestration and scheduling solutions means that also long distance workflows involving wide area network connectivity can be made more agile and automated.

With your entire workflow, including connectivity, managed under one and the same system you reduce both time and cost of your media production.

Designed for media networks

Media networks are built to transport high value content, with strict requirements on quality and availability. Designed for such applications the Nimbra SDN controller will guarantee bandwidth, guarantee service quality and guarantee service level agreements and network KPIs.

Controlling your entire network and all its services means availability is key. With an architecture where both southbound and northbound interfaces are redundant you can trust that your applications can always reach your network to provision and monitor services.

Key Features

Guarantees service KPI'S

Built for media networks the Nimbra SDN controller provisions services with guaranteed bandwidth, quality and service level agreements.


Centralized control and north-bound API’S enable network programmability, opening up for applications to provision and control network services.


Pre-integrated orchestration and billing capabilities enables agile and automated workflows, as well as automated order-to-bill processes.



HTTP based API for
– Service creation
– Node status
– Network and link status
– Service status


Single or redundant
– Controllers
– API end-points
– Paths to network elements


Network Management
– Nimbra Vision

– ScheduALL LINK

Workflow orchestration
– ScheduALL Media

– ScheduALL

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