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Nimbra OT 100

Take your Nimbra network to 100G with fully integrated optical transport in a compact form-factor

Integrates all components of a 100 gigabit optical transport solution in 1U allowing you to easily expand your Nimbra network to meet the capacity demands of 4K, 8K, remote production, file-based workflows and cloud-based media processing. With a selection of pluggable optics it adapts to your existing infrastructure and network needs.

Dense and power efficient

With 100G wide area optical transport in a 1U compact form-factor the Nimbra OT 100 has the smallest 100G muxponder/transponder footprint on the market. It also has very low power consumption with its fully integrated design.

Low rack space needs and power consumption allows you to grow network capacity with very low impact on OPEX.

Customizable with pluggable optics

Having pluggable WAN and client-side optics allows the Nimbra OT 100 to be used with any underlying infrastructure and any Nimbra MSR trunk capacity or technology. As a muxponder/transponder it enables 100G transport over metro and long distances on top of dark fiber, wavelengths or OTN systems.

This gives you the flexibility to deploy 100G where you need it without being limited to certain infrastructure conditions.

Designed for carrier grade availability

Carrying 100G worth of traffic in 1U requires the Nimbra OT 100 to provide carrier grade availability. Redundant and swappable power supplies ensures uninterrupted power supply, while software upgrades with no traffic impact means you can take advantage of new functionality without affecting your service availability.

Operationally integrated with the Nimbra family

Being entirely aligned with operations and management of the broader Nimbra family of products ensures that capacity needs can be met with low cost and low operational impacts.

With comprehensive performance monitoring capabilities you can be sure your network delivers on the promised quality of service.


Key features

100G in 1U

Density and footprint that is hard to beat with a 100G WAN link and 100G or 10 x 10G client interfaces in only 1U.

Pluggable optics

CFP based WAN optics with support for 100G coherent or LR4. SFP+ on the client side for any MSR trunk capacity or technology.


Dual power supplies that can be swapped and software upgrades without traffic impact ensures carrier grade service availability.



H: 1 RU, W: 19″, D: 230 mm (ETSI 300)


Uplink: 100G CFP (4x28G LR4 or coherent)

Client: 100G CXP or 10 SFP+ (10GbE or STM-64/OC-192)

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