Nimbra Edge - Elastic Cloud-based Live Media Transport
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Nimbra Media Gateway

Premium video over IP

The Nimbra Media Gateway offers industry-leading compression performance and video quality in a modular and compact design. This standard-based solution provides flexibility for any broadcast application, while inheriting the highly advanced management and scheduling power of Net Insight leading technology.

Standards Based & Future-proof

Enabling long-term lifecycle benefits the high-density Nimbra Media Gateway offers all the standards of today and is prepared for the standards of tomorrow. Its fully modular hardware and software design enables seamless capacity and functional expansion without hardware replacement. SMPTE2022 enable interoperability & efficient operation over IP in a second or multi-vendor environment.

And with support for both SDI and SMPTE2022-6 IP interfaces, the Nimbra Media Gateway offers a seamless transition from SDI to IP in studios and broadcast facilities. Configure it per your needs today and expand it when you need, without compromising on quality and operational efficiency.

Best in class picture quality

High-quality JPEG2000 compression of live video lets broadcasters and media services providers lower their networking costs while still delivering quality customers want to pay for. The Nimbra Media Gateway offers visually lossless video quality using 4:2:2 10-bit JPEG2000 compression with up to 90% reduced bit rate compared to uncompressed video. That together with a very low compression delay makes the Nimbra Media Gateway the natural choice for live professional broadcast contribution and studio interconnect over IP.

Operational Efficiency with Software Defined Orchestration

Nimbra Management & Orchestration product family enables broadcasters to scale up their media transport to support their growing business needs allowing up to 30% reduction of operational costs and 75% faster service deployment compared to competing IP solutions. The Automation & Orchestration software packages increase resource utilization with up to 300% and enable workflow through customer and application self-provisioning. Set-up, monitoring and fine-grained configuration of equipment as well as services through an intuitive Web UI.


By allowing seamless interchange of live video between broadcasters, affiliates and media service providers, the Nimbra Media Gateway truly facilitates the global media ecosystem. Live video streams are sent over standard infrastructure and across continents in real-time. Connections are setup instantaneous, over multi-vendor systems, using central orchestration and software defined networking. All to support the fast changing business needs of the broadcast industry.

Key features

All current standards for interoperability

The world’s first entirely standards-based compression encapsulation of J2K in SMPTE-2022-2 (VSF TR-01) allows interoperability at a minimum bandwidth high-quality transport of all signals. Access through SMPTE 2022-6 or SDI and protected with SMPTE 2022-7 and SMPTE 2022-1, the Nimbra Media Gateway offers a fully vendor compliant solution for any media business.

High Quality JPEG2000 contribution codec

ISO/IEC 15444-1 JPEG2000 (4:2:2 10-bit) encoding/decoding of full frames for best image quality. Support for compression of 3G-SDI, HD- SDI and SD-SDI with very low encoding/decoding latency makes a perfect fit for live contribution and remote production.

Operational Excellence and reduced OPEX

Touch-screen application Touch & Switch and central management and service provisioning through Nimbra Vision allow operators to easily configure, monitor and trouble-shoot their services. Sources and destinations are easily added and fully integrated into the Nimbra Product family. The Element manager allows quick web-based access on every node.



H: 2.5 RU, W: 19″, D: 335 mm


3 slots for service interface module with
12x JPEG2000 encoders/decoders
Upgradable to 16 slots with 48x JPEG2000 encoders/decoders

All modules are hot-swappable.


JPEG2000 encoding/decoding (ISO/IEC 15444-1) with SMPTE2022 (VSF TR-01) TS over IP encapsulation



IP: SMPTE2022-6 (In/Out/Monitor/Sync)


Forward Error Correction (SMPTE 2022-1) and Hitless 1+1 protection (SMPTE 2022-7)

Network Interfaces

2x RJ45 10/100/1000BASE-T

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