Nimbra Edge - Elastic Cloud-based Live Media Transport
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Nimbra 688

Modular multiservice platform delivering live, interactive and on-demand media services with unrivaled quality over IP networks and dedicated infrastructure.

Designed from the ground up for high-quality media transport the Nimbra 688 gives you a modular multiservice platform with plenty of room for future capacity and functional expansions. Open and programmable with support for both static and occasional use video, audio and data services it is the perfect enabler for growing and monetizing your managed media network.

Support for any underlying network, including IP, wavelength systems and dark fiber, means you are never limited by existing infrastructure.


Customer provisioned and software defined

Allowing customers, applications and workflows to provision and monitor network services themselves provides a level of flexibility that has never been experienced before. Customers provisioning their own services through an online self-service portal increases network usage and reduces provisioning effort and cost to zero. Having live and file-based workflows automatically request transport capacity where and when needed finally enables true media workflow agility. Additionally, integrated pricing and billing capabilities give network operators new revenue opportunities and innovative business models, such as pay-as-you-go models. All of this is enabled by a network where services are agile, assured and orchestrated.

Combining static and occasional use services

For efficient network utilization we need to use the fact that live events are time-boxed and can be served by occasional use transport services. With a platform that supports service admission control and guaranteed bandwidth, performance and characteristics occasional use services can safely be mixed with static services.

Being able to dynamically add, change and remove services without any impact on existing service characteristics is key for demanding media and video applications such as live video transport. Such dynamicity is an enabler for customer provisioned as well as software defined and programmable network services.

Providing unrivaled service quality

With a platform designed from the ground up for the most demanding of services, broadcast-quality live video, you know that the quality of service will be unrivaled. From truly hitless failure recovery and video-aware service performance monitoring, to fully redundant and hot-swappable common hardware, the Nimbra 600 is packed with functionality to ensure premium service quality at all times, no matter what happens.

Ready for your future

Modular and designed for both capacity and functional expansions means you can be confident that the Nimbra 600 will support your future needs. Multiservice capabilities allows you to transport live and file-based content across the same network. Nimbra 600 uniquely offers the possibility to freely mix and match native video with SMPTE2022 IP interfaces, service by service, for a seamless and cost-efficient transition to IP.

With support for both SMPTE2022 IP as well as native video & audio in addition to Carrier Ethernet data services, all on the same platform, the possibilities are endless. Configure it according to your needs today and expand it when and as you need to ensure you get the most efficient network today and tomorrow.


Key features

Fully Redundant

Designed with fully redundant and hot-swappable hardware, together with true hitless 1+1 redundancy for all services means unrivaled service quality will always be delivered no matter what.

Multiservice Capable

Native support for JPEG 2000 compressed and uncompressed SD, HD, 3G and 4K video services, SMPTE2022 IP, high-quality MADI audio, and Carrier Ethernet data services on the same platform creates endless possibilities.


Open & Programmable

Programmable from a north bound orchestration system enables software defined networking, allowing any application to provision and monitor services through open and well-defined interfaces.



H: 10 RU, W: 19″, D: 240 mm (ETSI 300)


16 for traffic interface modules
2 for redundant node controllers
2 for redundant switches
1 for alarm+aux interfaces
2 for redundant power modules

All modules are hot-swappable


Carrier Ethernet: E-Line, E-LAN, E-Tree

Video: SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, 4K UltraHD (quad-SDI), SMPTE2022-2, SMPTE2022-6
(Uncompressed and JPEG2000)

Audio: AES, MADI


Input: 2.048 or 1.544 MHz, G.703.13
Output: 2.048 MHz, G.703.13

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