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Nimbra 390

One box solution for multiservice media transport over IP and dedicated infrastructure.

The Nimbra 390 combines native video, audio and Carrier Ethernet transport and switching to provide a high-quality multiservice solution for demanding applications in the media and broadcast industry.

Optimized for DTT Transport Networks

The Nimbra 300 series of MSRs is used in more DTT networks than any comparable product. It packs all the functionality needed for efficient DTT transport in a compact and power efficient outline, whereas other solutions would need multiple boxes. 

The Nimbra 390 is optimized for transport over IP but can be used over, or in combination with, Optical/SDH/SONET infrastructure as well. A key challenge in DTT networks is synchronization, especially when going all-IP, and the Nimbra 390 provides built-in frequency and phase synchronization for media services right out of the box. Its time-transfer functionality is today used by many nationwide DTT and DAB SFN networks to provide accurate transmitter synchronization of both frequency and phase.

With the Nimbra 390 in their DTT transport network, operators can enjoy a high quality, low maintenance DTT, or Broadcast Radio, transport solution.

Customer provisioned and software defined

Allowing customers, applications and workflows to provision and monitor network services them selves provides a level of flexibility never experienced before. Customers provisioning their own services through an online self-service portal increases network usage and reduces provisioning effort and cost to zero. Having live and file-based workflows automatically request transport capacity where and when needed finally enables true media workflow agility.

Enabling multiservice networks

Multiservice capabilities allow you to transport live and file-based content across the same network, and with native support for DTT transport, Broadcast Radio distribution and video contribution the Nimbra 390 gives you all the flexibility you need. With support for service admission control and guaranteed bandwidth, performance and characteristics different services can safely be mixed no matter the network load. With hitless 1+1 protection of services you can be sure that the expected service quality will always be delivered.


Growing with your needs

With “pay as you grow” support you can configure the Nimbra 390 for your needs today, knowing it will grow with you in the future. Adding functionality, capacity and ports when and where needed means you can take advantage of a highly capable platform throughout your network also where your initial requirements are limited.

Its modularity further allows for different physical configurations for each and every location, again adding to the flexibility of your network.


Key features

Sync & Time

Built-in functionality for providing accurate synchronization of both frequency and phase to client services makes it an optimized one-box solution for high-quality transport of DTT or Broadcast Radio services.


Combining native video, audio and Carrier Ethernet services for contribution and distribution workflows in the same platform provides flexibility and operational efficiency.

Open & Programmable

Programmable from a north bound orchestration system enables software defined networking, allowing any application to provision and monitor services through open and well-defined interfaces.



H: 2 RU, W: 19″, D: 240 mm (ETSI 300)


2 for traffic interface modules (hot-swappable)


Carrier Ethernet: E-Line, E-LAN, E-Tree
Expandable with Smart SFPs

Plug-in units
Video: SD (SDI), MPEG-TS (ASI)
Audio: AES, MADI, E1, T1
Telco: DS3, E3, STM-1, OC-3

Network Interfaces

Physical: 4 x SFP (1000BASE-T/SX/LX/ZX or GbE over HD-SDI)
IP trunk: Up to 16

Plug-in units


Input: 2.048 MHz (1.544 Mhz), ITU-T G.703.13
Output: 2.048 MHz, ITU-T G.703.13

Time Transfer
2 x 1 PPS + 2 x 10 MHz, 50 Ohm BNC, in/out

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