Nimbra Edge - Elastic Cloud-based Live Media Transport
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Nimbra 141

Compact fiber-optic broadcast appliances for cost-efficient media transport and network extension

The Nimbra 140 series is a comprehensive range of broadcast-quality fiber optic appliances, integrating O/E converters, wavelength/TDM multiplexers, audio embedders and optical failover switches to a tailored solution in a dense form-factor.

Modular design

With a rack-based design allowing for unique combinations of optical/electrical modules for Video, Audio, Ethernet and multiplexing you can be sure to find a configuration that fit your needs, always in a very small form factor. Nimbra 140 series provide you with the flexibility and scalability that you need to grow your business, now and in the future.

Compact form-factor

For first or last mile fiber connections, the super-dense design of the 1 RU 6-slot Nimbra 141 chassis allows a discreet point-of-presence at a customer site or arena where real estate is scarce.

The Nimbra 141 can be equipped with mux/demux modules to allow multiplexing of up to 16 signals on a single dark fiber, for high-density applications.

Centralized management

Simplify your network operations with centralized monitoring through Nimbra Vision™ NMS or any third-party network management system. Being entirely aligned with operations and management of the entire Nimbra family of products ensures that extending your media network with Nimbra 140 is easy and cost-efficient.


Key features

Enabling low delay first mile fiber access

Proven fiber optic appliances providing a standards-based media transport.

Cost efficient and highly flexible

The Nimbra 140 series supports a broad range of video, audio and data services on the same modular platform.

A perfect fit with the Nimbra 600

Optical interfaces eliminates back-to-back O/E conversion when paired with the Nimbra 600 SFP Video Access Module.



H: 1 RU, W: 19″, D: 150 mm (excluding connectors)


6 for traffic interface modules
1 for network monitoring


Ethernet 10/100/1000 BaseT

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