Nimbra Edge - Elastic Cloud-based Live Media Transport
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Nimbra 1060

Next generation terabit router with NFV oriented architecture, providing assured and agile WAN transport of all-IP media services.

Built for the new media transport reality of all-IP services and all-IP networks the Nimbra 1060 provides a unique combination of terabit capacity for IP-based media services such as SMPTE 2110, guaranteed service quality for the most demanding live media events and agility for customer-provisioned and automated real-time service provisioning.

It is designed with an NFV approach using one common hardware platform for flexible deployment of media functions anywhere in the network and a datacenter building practice for new cloud-oriented sites and locations.

Terabit capacity with world class density

Scaling both switching and link capacities to levels unprecedented in the media transport industry the Nimbra 1060 allows you to bring IP-based media services such as SMPTE 2110 across wide area networks, interconnecting event sites, stadiums, studios, and production sites over N x 100 Gbps links easily without complex traffic engineering.

It does so in a compact 3 rack unit (RU) form factor that is designed for 1200 Gbps switching and provides any combination of up to 120 x 10 Gbps ports or 12 x 100Gbps ports for IP tunneling and IP based media services. With an incredible 400Gbps-per-rack-unit density the Nimbra 1060 provides an industry leading 40 x 10GbE or 4 x 100GbE ports per rack unit.

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NFV approach for flexible functionality

Designed with a Network and Media Function Virtualization (NFV/MFV) approach using one common hardware platform the Nimbra 1060 enables flexible deployment of media and network functions anywhere in your media network. It support both network functions like IP tunnels with guaranteed bandwidth and QoS, and media functions like SMPTE 2110 transport and per-service-monitoring.

On top of this being programmable from a north bound orchestration system the Nimbra 1060 benefits from software defined networking capabilities, through which customers and applications can automatically provision and monitor services using open and well-defined Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Simplicity in an all-IP world

With the shift to all-IP and standards like SMPTE 2110 media production becomes more flexible, and with flexibility often comes complexity. But not with the Nimbra 1060. With assured service quality and service agility guaranteed at any level of network utilization you can use all available network capacity without ever sacrificing quality.

Automated resource reservation and guaranteed bandwidth end-to-end ensures that service quality is assured on top of any IP network without the complex traffic engineering typically associated with high quality media demands. This means you get assurance and agility at any network utilization while keeping network operations hassle free, also in the more flexible all-IP world.

Future proof data center design

With a future proof data center style building practice the Nimbra 1060 is designed to be deployed in any modern service provider, broadcaster or data center environment. No matter if it sits next to networking gear, servers, encoders or other media equipment it will fit right in.

The approach is modular and redundant, with all components being hot swappable and protected by enclosing trays. Cooling and power is fully flexible to suit any environment and location.

Key features


Terabit switching capacity in a small 3 rack unit (RU) form factor translates to 40x10GbE or 4x100GbE ports per RU at an incredible 400Gbps-per-RU density.


Designed with a Network Function Virtualization (NFV) approach using one common hardware platform enables flexible deployment of media and network functions anywhere in the network.


Automated resource reservation and fully isolated services enables guaranteed bandwidth end-to-end, assuring service quality on top of any IP network.



H: 3 RU, W: 19″, D: 600 mm


6 for traffic interface modules
2 for redundant switch/NC modules
2 for redundant power modules
1 for alarm+aux interfaces

All modules are hot-swappable


20 x 10/25GbE Media Transport Module
2 x 100GbE Media Transport Module
4 x HD-BNC Sync Module


IP Tunnels: 0-100Gbps tunnels with guaranteed bandwidth and QoS.

Carrier Ethernet: E-Line, E-LAN, E-Tree.

Video: SMPTE 2110, SMPTE 2022-6.
(SD, HD, 3G, 4K UltraHD uncompressed and JPEG2000)

Audio: AES67.

Synchronization: 1588v2 PTP transport, 1PPS (in/out), 1.544/2.048/10 MHz (in/out)

Monitoring: ES, SES, BBE, SS, UAS per service and link.

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