Partnerships are essential for growing media delivery in the Cloud


From: Kenth Andersson, Head of Strategic Alliances

Innovation has often been a key to maintaining competitive edge but in the intensifying heat of today’s environment few companies will succeed at this alone.

Innovation is no longer a single level breakthrough but the combined force of technologies working in harmony.

This is all tied up with the migration of workflows and production systems to the cloud. Media and entertainment companies are shifting to cloud in order to realize greater cost efficiency and create valuable new revenue generation. Part of the strategic equation is that reliance on the locked-in hardware-based single vendor solutions of old are relegated to history.

The IP promise of true interoperability 

In its stead comes true interoperability from cloud native software running on virtualized machines across standardized networks. An IP and cloud infrastructure provides companies with an elasticity of scale simply unachievable before. Bespoke workflows can be tailored for individual live events, called up and spun down on demand to optimize cost.

Rather than shedding the competitive advantage of a custom-fit system, the Cloud and IP permits organizations to design workflows integrating best of breed tools and services. By employing a virtualized IP infrastructure, in essence you are detaching the physical equipment from the production workflow and automating the process to a large degree. In turn, this enables the possibility of sharing equipment far more easily for both live and file-based production.

The openness of product to this endeavor is not a given. Tools have to be cloud agnostic. Companies shouldn’t have to exchange one from of lock-in for another. Components should be based on core standards like ST 2110 and be able to work with a range of standard professional media over IP protocols from SRT to RIST. They should be able to integrate seamlessly with components from third party vendors provided those vendor’s tools are also orchestrated for IP.

The Media and Entertainment Cloud ecosystem is evolving rapidly. That’s why we designed our products from the ground up with scalability in mind. Net Insight’s media transport portfolio, including the Nimbra MSR series, Aperi and Nimbra Edge, eliminate complexity while helping broadcasters manage large scale, global networks no matter the underlying infrastructure.

We have innovated the next level of media transport designed to on-ramp your workflow to the cloud. With a virtualized architecture, the Nimbra platforms can be used for a wide range of functions, and a wide range of use cases. Choose your compression grade and protection per video feed. Transport both audio, video and data and hand over content to other systems using open and standardized interfaces.

Best of breed  

Our Aperi platforms of live IP Media Function Virtualization (MFV) solutions bring data center robustness, agility and economics to the mission-critical live sports, entertainment, and news program productions in the world.

We’ve made it extremely simple to set up new services, increase or reduce bandwidth on-demand, and add new locations and services to existing networks. In combination, our best of breed technologies will transform media in real-time, customize content delivery per service and create highly flexible distributed media workflows.

In our journey ahead, we welcome more technology allies and media and entertainment partners alike to together expand the world’s media delivery highway.

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