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About us

Crister Fritzson

“It is an exciting time for Net Insight, with accelerated efforts to strengthen and complement the portfolio. Our product development focuses on supporting key market trends like IP, cloud, virtualization, remote production and ATSC 3.0. Our open strategy, with our products supporting all important transport standards, gives customers clear advantages and more choice.”

Crister Fritzson, Net Insight CEO

Who we are

Net Insight is defining new ways to deliver media. We’re driving the transformation of video networks with open IP, virtualized and cloud solutions that enable you to simply and cost-effectively create live experiences. We are opening up new routes for broadcasters, service providers, production companies and enterprises to produce and deliver content to viewers anywhere.

Net Insight acquired Aperi’s product portfolio in 2020.

Your transformation partner

Our unique R&D experience, together with the deep IP knowledge we gained from developing our own streaming solution, have allowed us to us evolve Nimbra, our Emmy Award winning video transport solution, for the new media era. We are enabling media companies to open up the benefits of the cloud, providing an easy, cost-effective route to upgrade to IP – and leverage existing hardware investments.

Long-standing trust

For over 20 years, we have been trusted by the world’s leading brands – from LinkedIn and The Switch to Tata Communications and SVT. Now, they are relying on us to help them build networks for the new media era.

Our solutions are deployed by hundreds of customers in over 70 countries to keep their mission-critical media networks running smoothly.

The way to openness

We have built the market’s most open and cloud-ready video centric media delivery platform and are continuing to invest in an open future – starting with the acquisition of Aperi’s virtualized IP product portfolio in 2020.

The future is cloud – and we open up its benefits at minimal cost. We give you an easy, low-cost route to upgrade to IP, allowing you to leverage your existing hardware investments.

The most complete portfolio on the market

We handle contribution, distribution, cloud ingest, and orchestration on one platform, enabling you to successfully meet new consumer demands. We have the only platform that supports all major industry protocols – ST 2022/2110, RIST, Zixi, SRT, and we are leading the way through initiatives like RIST. We are technology agnostic – we want to give you the tools to maximize your content’s potential on your own infrastructure. It is your content, on any network, your way.

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