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Get industry-leading JPEG2000 performance in a standards-based gateway offering.

Grow your media eco-system with the Nimbra Media Gateway, an SMPTE2022 standards-based JPEG2000 contribution codec for efficient exchange of live content over IP. Interoperable with others, the Nimbra Media Gateway extends your reach and gives you access to more live content, so that you can become a bigger player in live broadcast.

Enable Content worth paying for

Hosting a high-end JPEG2000 codec, the Nimbra Media Gateway offers superior compression and video quality that Net Insight is renowned for.

Support your business needs today and beyond

A modular platform supports seamless capacity expansion and Virtualized Network & Media Functions for future functionality, formats and standards without hardware replacement.

Reduce cost of operations

With centralized management and one-touch instant service provisioning, you get the benefits of IP while reducing network complexities and operating costs.

IP is seen to hold plenty of value for broadcasters and we’ve seen a rapid evolution in support for IP in broadcast. It allows for more flexibility and agility, providing quicker service deployment and time to revenue. But here’s the catch. These benefits risk being overshadowed by your network operation becoming more complex.
And worse, more costly.  

Optimized for interoperability, the Nimbra Media Gateway can be used to exchange live content with more business partners without having to deploy equipment on their premises. This helps lower your total cost of ownership and provides faster access to more content.


Trusted industry-wide, our Nimbra solutions lower total cost of ownership for live media transport. Just ask some of the world’s biggest broadcasters and media service providers who rely on them for this very purpose. Operational efficiency is in our DNA.

With centralized management through Nimbra Vision, you can manage your network performance and monitor your services continuously and in real-time. Touch&Switch enables instant service activation of media services for dynamic, interactive and on-demand content, through an intuitive one-touch user interface.


Today’s video contribution networks are evolving swiftly, driven by richer content with higher resolutions and the need for lower total cost of ownership. The Nimbra Media Gateway aims at delivering results to suit your business needs today and in the future, regardless of where your business takes you.

It’s fully-modular design ensures seamless capacity expansion. Support for virtualized, software-based media and network functions let’s you add functionality, future formats and standards as needed. No hardware replacement necessary.


Catering to the needs of live video over IP in multi-vendor environments, the Nimbra Media Gateway complements the Nimbra MSR offering of media transport and processing solutions designed for large-scale and high-performing media networks.

Our JPEG2000 codecs have made us famous for impeccable compression and video quality. The Nimbra Media Gateway offers broadcasters looking to grow their business the same top-grade compression and video quality in a cost-efficient gateway offering. And if your future business calls for a scalable media network, a seamless upgrade path into a full-fledged Nimbra MSR solution is available.

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Net Insight’s leading expertise has guided us to becoming a preferred supplier of live content. Our latest NPS score of 75 bears testament to this. Now you too can take advantage of our superior domain knowledge and quality in a whole new offering that would help your business grow.

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