Nimbra Edge use case – At-home studios

Remote working is the new normal as demand soars for workflows connecting studios at-home. In this recorded webinar we explain how to leverage the cloud for seamless collaboration between participants working remotely. There’s a particular focus on using Net Insight Nimbra Edge to achieve this.

The video starts by emphasising the substantial impact Covid-19 has had on organisations. It states that corporates, enterprises and governments have maintained communications by using remote workflows to connect with at-home studios. The webinar next explains that broadcast technology is being leveraged to deliver live high-quality video and to enable mass participation. All this is being done in a secure, reliable and safe fashion.

No-one knows how long the pandemic will last. Nonetheless, there will be drastic changes to how we work with one another going forward.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • Why there is a growing trend for at-home workflows
  • What a typical network architecture looks like
  • How at-home studios can work with internet connections as low as 3 Mbps
  • All about the unique properties of Nimbra Edge.

In conclusion, the capabilities of Net Insight’s Nimbra Edge are underscored. Nimbra Edge is the cloud-based media engine for the enterprise. It combines the flexibility of videoconferencing with broadcast quality live streaming.

Watch this video to learn more.