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Tame the complexity of media transport. Seamless integration, no fuss.

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In the evolving media landscape, the shift to internet connectivity is not just a technical step but a strategic one. You aim to achieve seamless off-network connections, reaching wider audiences without the limitations of traditional networks. Maintaining solutions cost-effective is important, allowing for scalable growth and manageable expenses.

Navigating this new territory can be daunting, especially when targeting secondary markets or integrating new technologies with existing operations. We understand these challenges, particularly the need to adapt with your current team without requiring extensive resources.

This is why Nimbra Connect iT was developed – to empower you to tame the complexity of media networks, and scale as you grow. Just Connect iT.

Effortless Integration: Nimbra Connect iT delivers unparalleled ease of deployment. Our solution streamlines the complex process of integrating media workflows into your existing infrastructure. Get up and running in minutes with a no-risk, commercial point of entry.

Maintenance Simplified: Say goodbye to complex system upkeep. Nimbra Connect iT is engineered for trouble-free maintenance, ensuring that your operations run smoothly without the need for continuous hands-on management.

Designed for Scale: With Nimbra Connect iT, scaling your operations doesn’t have to be a risk. Our system is built to grow with your business. Choose your own business model, and upgrade seamlessly without worrying about service disruptions.

Transparent Business Approach: Embrace the simplicity of our straightforward business model. Nimbra Connect iT offers a clear, no-nonsense approach to content delivery and network management, allowing you to focus on delivering quality content.

Self-Reliance with Backup: Nimbra Connect iT empowers you to be self-reliant with an easy-to-manage platform, while still providing the option for enterprise-level support whenever you need it.

Open API for Seamless Workflows: Our Open API ensures that Nimbra Connect iT will fit perfectly within your tech stack, facilitating effortless integration with your existing systems and tools.

Content Delivery Made Easy: Designed with content creators, rights holders, and regional broadcasters in mind, and crafted for small to medium networks, Nimbra Connect iT makes content delivery easy, simple, and fast, without sacrificing performance or quality.

Expand Your Reach: Nimbra Connect iT is not just about managing content; it’s about expanding your reach. Our solution enables you to engage new audiences and explore new revenue opportunities, all while managing your content effectively and efficiently.

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Nimbra Connect iT Nimbra Edge
Intuitive Routing UI – Stream Manager
Easy configuration UI – Network Manager
Users Unlimited Unlimited
Max Concurrent Streams 100 10,000+
Routing Framework P2P+ Region Mesh, P2P
Open API
Control Plane Architecture Single Virtual Machine Image Kubernetes HA Cluster
Data Plane Architecture Container Runtime Kubernetes, Docker
Edge Connect Support
Third Party Appliance Support
Stream Metrics
Stream Thumbnails
Stream Preview
Stream re-encapsulation
Stream MPTS transformations
PID Transformations
Commercial Model CapEx, PAYG RTU, Volume, PAYG

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