Nimbra 1060 – record breaking speed and density

The Nimbra 1060 is really a breakthrough technical accomplishment, enabling media aware wide area networking at terabit speeds. That’s an order of magnitude faster than all previous comparable solutions. But speed is one thing – in media networking many times density is even more important. So, in the 1060 we packed as many ports and as much per-rack-unit capacity as physically possible. Compared to alternative solutions, it delivers a large media site using only a 1/10th of the physical space and a 1/5th of the power requirements. And at only 3 rack units, the 1060 even fits into a flight kit, providing you with both transport and monitoring of 100s of bidirectional uncompressed HD feeds or 24 4Ks. Even though the Nimbra 1060 was launched only a couple of months ago, we already have customers all over the world depending on it for commercial operations. But this is just the beginning, we’ve now got lots of new exiting capabilities in the pipeline. So check it, and as always don’t hesitate to reach out if you wanna know more.