Net Insight empowers a globally recognized US based broadcaster with increased network capacity

Geartech Technologies, a leading Net Insight Partner in North America, deployed Net Insight’s award-winning all-IP media transport platform, the Nimbra 1060, to connect stadiums and production sites all over the US for a large US-based broadcaster.

With the US-based broadcaster, they have expanded their Nimbra based network to accommodate for additional video and ethernet services to cater for growing viewer demands. The highly scalable media network accommodates up to 100GE bandwidth and gives full flexibility and reliability.

“The Net Insight Nimbra 1000 series provides us the ability to give our customers ultra high capacity functionality for terabit media workflows. Net Insight’s long standing track record for providing flexibility and reliability through their Nimbra platform, makes selecting the 1060 an easy choice to ensure the quality and service protection needed for high-valued content that is essential for a global broadcaster.”

Todd Bayne, President of Geartech Technologies