Covid-19: A view from The Switch on live media and remote production

Producing and delivering live, high-quality video and media increases in complexity as networks grow. During a pandemic, the complexity is even higher. 

The current health crisis is accelerating key technology trends in the media ecosystems such as IP automation and cloud or remote and distributed production. As a result, it creates profound and durable changes in the way we produce and distribute content for optimal viewer experiences. 

Explore how The Switch, leveraging Net Insights remote and distributed solution, manages to deliver an on-demand service on a national and international scale, seamlessly and reliably. 

In this webinar, Per Lindgren, CTO of Net Insight, and Linda Hannan, Sales Director at The Switch, are discussing the following: 

  • Changes and best practices that occur in content production and delivery in several use cases such as:  
    • news and live events   
    • enterprise broadcast 
    • live sports and eSports 
  • the aftermath of Covid-19 and practices that are most likely here to stay 

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