Net Insight announces Digital Event Platform

With events being canceled globally in 2020, it is more important than ever to keep the conversation going.  

The shift to all-IP environments and cloud-based, virtualized workflows has accelerated, and remote and distributed production has become even more of a necessary realityAt this transformational time, it is critical that customers get the right solutions for their main business challenges even as it is impossible to meet in person.  

This is why Net Insight announces the Digital Event Platform, launching Tuesday the 15th of September 2020. The platform is not only meant to be virtual replacement for the canceled IBC Show 2020 — it also serves as an ongoing support tool to facilitate the conversation with our experts, together with the sharing of news, updates, and resources. 

 What to discover on the Digital Event Platform: 

  • Actionable information on our remote production, cloud, IP, and virtualization, as well as enterprise broadcast solutions 
  • A rich content library, with downloadable resources 
  • A direct point of contact with our media experts – both to get in touch instantaneously or book meetings in advance 
  • A series of events available both live and on-demand, covering several topics such as our news, tech updates, and much more

Discover the Digital Event Platform