Meet our talents – Rickard, our new Development Manager 


Tell us about yourself! 

I’ve been working as a Software Engineer with embedded Linux and IP network related technologies for 16 years. With a built-in obsession for personal development I have been fortunate to work in many different roles within the craft of software engineering, such as technical lead, software architect and scrum master; but have now gotten the chance to step into a new role as the Development Manager for Nimbra Applications, one of our business areas. The team, made up of experienced engineers being experts in their field, provides good conditions for me to grow into my new role but also the possibility to succeed with further development of the team. 

How did you learn of Net Insight and take an interest in your position? 

I joined Net Insight in 2013 after recommendation from a friend: he told me that the company was a pioneer in media tech technology and, with lack of better words, it was a place where it’s fun to work. With the birth of my second daughter the same year, work was often a place where I gathered strength to deal with diapers, sleepless nights and the simultaneous fear and bliss of becoming a parent. 

In 2018 I left the company for a brief period for commuting reasons, but this did not last very long. I missed the features of a smaller-scale and agile company, and after an agreement with my old manager at Net Insight on how to solve my commuting situation, I was glad to come back.  

How is working at Net Insight? 

What I like about working at Net Insight is the empowerment of engineering and the closeness to customers. Development processes are lightweight and agile development teams are encouraged to take full responsibility – from product requirements to releases of functionality.  

Another side of Net Insight which I appreciate is that the size and mentality allow and encourage initiatives. Taking on new responsibilities and growing your competence is always possible.

As a Development Manager of Nimbra Applications, what challenges are you looking forward to solving in the future? 

The team built a product family from the first concept to the business model, and we are now entering the next phase of expanding the feature set to reach new markets. This requires a growing team with new and improved skills, and it is also essential that all of us share our expertise with new members. In my role as a manager I’m looking forward to making this happen.